Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Oswego High School offers a large range of sports and extracurriculars to engage students of all interests. Supposedly, the creation of all these clubs is to bring together a variety of different students and create a family. Coaches tell you the goal is to have fun. However, they do not tell you about their overbearing thirst to win.
Oswego’s High School spring sport athletes are ready to get started! With the winter sports wrapping up, the community is so excited to see new sports and what they are capable of this season. Most of the sport seasons start...
The sports editors of 42Fifty recap the winter sports season and congratulate the athletes and all of their accomplishments.
Lani Breedlove is a name that no one at Oswego High School should be a stranger to today. Frequently making Athlete of the Week titles and her name presented on the school sign outside the main entrance, this senior has impacted the bowling community at OHS like no other.
Varsity basketball player Max Niesman, has been a positive asset to the Oswego Basketball program all four years of his high school career. Being on varsity as a sophomore, he grew with the program both in his skills and in his character. Niesman takes on many leadership roles within the team, and  it helps to keep everyone in check.