Friday, September 30, 2022
Lakes, parks, and prairies in the Oswego area have been affected by pollution for years. With school starting, it can be hard for Oswego High School students to find ways to be involved in the environment. Upcoming clubs, volunteer opportunities, and school classes can help students earn their volunteer hours and help clean the environment. 
Freshman Michael Holmstrom is a student-athlete swinging into his high school career with a great start: a spot on the varsity golf team and impressive scores to match. For the [Illinois Junior Golf Association]’s (IJGA) Mid-American Junior Golf Tour, Holmstrom participated in six events and nine rounds, finishing in the Top 10 twice, and Top 25 three times.
High School teachers around the world have had to learn to deal with their home and school life separately. However, when the line between home and school life blurs, how do teachers balance both worlds? 
In April of the 2021-2022 school year, the newly formed OH Coalition hosted an Amplify event. Because of the newness of the Coalition, many students are unaware of what it entails and the Amplify event it hopes to continue hosting.
Most high school students dedicate their time to sports, clubs or a job. However, the members of Moon Rules Apply decided to dedicate their time to making music to perform around Oswego.  The band is made up of Oswego High...

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