The show revolves around two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, trying to find the demon that killed their mother in a world infested with monsters of every kind. As the seasons go on, the characters developed more; bigger threats come out of the depths, and the brothers have to save the world from total catastrophe quite a few times.
The students in the training program go in after school and spend a few hours in the training room helping out the athletes. Many of the athletes here at school use OATS. During football season, the trainers are there giving water and helping players when they get hurt. They do the same during basketball season.
When you think of a downtown area, you’ll likely think of something old, vintage or antique. It’s the core of a town or city, holding great cultural and historical value leading ages back into the founding of the town. The architecture and atmosphere of Oswego’s downtown displays this feeling perfectly, and even has places that preserve and share history with anyone who stops by. Antique shops hold these relics of time, on display for anyone who decides to stop by.
Even though the place itself is small in square footage, Asadoras Burgers and La Yummy Michoacana have friendly staff, pick-up and delivery, and delicious food that keeps the customers coming back.
Arand has been working toward becoming an Eagle Scout since he became a Boy Scout in kindergarten. As a member of the Boy Scouts, he participated in many different service projects that a typical troop member would.

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