In April of the 2021-2022 school year, the newly formed OH Coalition hosted an Amplify event. Because of the newness of the Coalition, many students are unaware of what it entails and the Amplify event it hopes to continue hosting.
Most high school students dedicate their time to sports, clubs or a job. However, the members of Moon Rules Apply decided to dedicate their time to making music to perform around Oswego.  The band...
Classes, sports, clubs, friends, the list of high school memories goes on and on. After being at the same school for four years, students overcame trials, celebrated accomplishments, and made lifelong memories. Two Oswego High School seniors Isaiah Malagon-Spencer and Shae McCabe face a pivotal time in their lives and share their experiences throughout high school, where they are now, and what they plan for the future. 
When walking into room 235, you can find a colorful room filled with books and an eager teacher ready to chat. Michael Leali is an alumnus and teacher of Oswego High School, who is close to publishing his first book, “The Civil War of Amos Abernathy.”
There's anywhere else. Somebody who knows this all too well is Oswego High School alumnus Mr. John Szychlinski, the new assistant principal at Southbury Elementary school in District 308.

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