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Coping with stress in high school

At 2 a.m., most high school students are still sleeping, but for senior Megan Korhorn, this is the time when she wakes up to finish her homework.

A different kind of normal: The Billy Gatske story

Billy Gatske had to grow up surrounded by “normal” people. He had to create his own normal.

An internal battle: Fighting depression and anxiety at OHS

I round the door of sophomore Xania Kimberly Ward’s classroom and see that she is alone, silent, on her phone. In fact, as I glance around while walking toward her, the whole classroom is silent and on their phones.
Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk Day

By Eamon Incognito 42Fifty Staff Writer Harvey Milk Day is celebrated on May 22, in honor of his birthday.  Harvey Milk was was one of...
Mr. Cann in banana suitvideo

[VIDEO] The Man the Banana Suit

by Joshua LeForce 42Fifty Staff Videographer For the past few weeks we’ve seen Mr. Cann dress up in a banana suit. I got the opportunity to interview...

[VIDEO] Robotics Goes to Worlds

by Riah Trevino 42Fifty Staff Videographer Jake Blocker and Sydney Lund fill us in on the Robotics Team’s recent trip to the World’s Competition. [googleapps domain="drive"...

I am now myself: Coming out in Oswego

Here are stories from three students at Oswego High School who are trying their hardest to make the best lives for themselves. They all hope that one day, all people—no matter what they identify as, or who they decide to be with in a relationship—will be accepted without criticism and without being put down by the people around them.
Ms. Sarah Hands, OHS English Teacher

Staff Spotlight: Ms. Sarah Hands

Ms. Sarah Hands is an English teacher here at Oswego High School. She’s a young teacher that understands students and their stresses. Ms. Hands...
1000 Hearts for Health

1,000 Hearts for Health

Walking around the halls at Oswego High School, you may have noticed a bunch of hearts posted, with a name on each one. This...
2017-2018 Senior Leaders

Senior Leaders Looking Back on the 2017-2018 School Year

By Abigail Miller 42Fifty Staff Writer Senior Leaders at Oswego High School are finishing off their time with their freshman in Freshman Seminar classes. Each week,...
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