In this video, 42Fifty Staff Producer Anthony Myers eats the new Travis Scott burger from McDonalds. Critics say it tastes like a regular quarter pounder with bacon. Will it blow his mind or will he be disappointed? You may be surprised by the outcome!
When it comes to voting in America, it is the constitutional right of citizens to do so. It ensures people’s voices are heard when it comes to deciding who will make impactful decisions about the future of their country. As of 2020, voting has become more essential than ever due to political disturbances amidst a global pandemic. However, when the opportunity to vote arises, many Gen Z’ers feel defeated due to the lack of information about voting and simply feel unprepared. Here are the four most important steps in voting for the first time.
Rapid change is all many have known for months: staying at home, being isolated from many friends and family, events being cancelled, and school being online. It has truly been hard for everyone. Yet, many people have taken this time of change and ran with it, allowing change not to be a bad thing, but a positive.
Isolation can take a toll on many aspects of life—including friendships. Oswego High School senior Katie McCumber went out of her way in May, a time of isolation, to let her friends know she was thinking of them and uplift their spirits.
Mrs. Molly Shulte is a teacher at Oswego High School that has been teaching at the high school for 12 years.

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