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Editor: Annabelle Rivera
Until now, your bad relationships earned you nothing but sour memories. However, you can now also use them to get the classiest Valentine’s Day dinner money doesn't need to buy! If you believe in the saying that food is the language of love, then you are in luck!
With close to 10,000,000 hard-of-hearing individuals and nearly 1,000,000 functionally deaf individuals in America alone, according to The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP for short), learning the American Sign Language can be extremely beneficial. However, taking into consideration that ASL is recognized as a full, complete language, it can make learning on your own can be difficult. That's where Sign Club comes into play.
Bellagia has that same welcoming feeling, with a unique rustic and boutique feel. Beiges and whites come together with exurban furniture, along with the crystalline light fixtures. It feels fancy, yet like you’re right at home.
New year, new team. This season, Panther baseball is facing significant changes, ranging from the new coaching staff to new conference opponents.
Confused about what's happening between the U.S. and Iran? 42Fifty sat down with Mr. Aaron Henricks, social studies teacher, to find the answers to some common questions.

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