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Piggy’s is Oswego’s newest barbecue restaurant, owned by Liz and Matt Warren and located in the Washington Square Shopping Center, with menu choices from the everyday barbecue pulled pork to a more exotic option of grilled shrimp tacos.
he classes offered within the fashion department are Fashion Construction 1, Fashion Construction  2 and Fashion Merchandising.
The virtual reality activities are split up into two categories: games and experiences. The games range from a slingshot simulator, a bow and arrow simulator, and even a virtual reality version of the popular mobile game Fruit Ninja. The experiences include a deep sea adventure, and even a tour of a museum with famous art pieces.  
On Oct. 11, students and staff treated themselves to some powerful pizza, gorgeous grilled cheese sandwiches, and delicious dumplings from a variety of food trucks outside the OHS cafeteria.
“Thoughts from Lane” is a motivational account run by Barry in hopes of encouraging people to live happier lives and to look on the brighter side of any situation that life throws at them.

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