Hundreds of student creations on tiny four-inch by five-inch squares decorated the OH hallways during the 21st annual Chicagoland 4x5 Art Exhibition at Oswego High School on Nov. 8 from 5-6 p.m. Anyone from junior high to high school was able to submit their artwork to the 4x5 show and have their portfolios and submissions viewed by colleges. The winner received a small, transparent, squared award with ‘Chicagoland 4x5’ engraved on it. Honorable mentions won a sketchbook that BLICK donated for the exhibit.
After the Panther Rally Cafe opened up new lunch options this fall, students share their feedback on the new and traditional options. Listen along as reporters Mel Bright-Jackson and Nicole Gartner interview OH students in November.
On Oct. 30, 2023, Oswego High School experienced unexpected flooding from broken pipes. Temporarily, 15 classrooms and 13 offices were relocated to other areas of the building to conduct classes and professional work, according to an email from Principal Chris Grays.  On the day of the burst pipes, custodial staff acted immediately and spent the day cleaning up the water and repairing what was damaged. Fans were put up in the school and damaged ceiling tiles were removed.
While the issue of gravel lot conditions at OH has persisted for over six years, and student complaints have been issued to the administration about walking conditions, the concerns have received little to no formal response - until this past October.  On Oct. 12, 2023, OH senior Raelyn Alvarez, Principal Christopher Grays, OH teacher Wendy Monn, SD308 Operations Director William Queen, and other OH staff members addressed the long-term safety issue of the gravel lot in a proposal to the SD308 School Board of Education. The proposal for a safe walkway from the gravel lot to the main campus was approved by the school to build the sidewalk for the safety of OH students and in memory of students who have passed away.
During the 2023-2024 school year, OH gym teachers have enforced a gym dress code with verbal announcements and posters that slippers, pajamas, khakis, and more aren't allowed to be worn during gym classes.