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Wednesday, Nov. 6, the Oswego Fine Arts Department hosted the Chicagoland 4x5 Art Show. Student artists from all over the Chicagoland area flocked to Oswego to display their art throughout the hallways of Oswego High School. Out of the 30 OHS students selected, 12 managed to qualify for three second-place awards, one third-place honor, and nine honorable mentions.
The purpose of having this exhibit at OHS is so that students can learn about how women gained the right to vote. They can learn about these influential women who devoted their lives to ensure that women of the future are viewed as equals in government practices. The exhibit also shows how these women took action, which is inspiring for others to get out there and make a positive change.
The six GOP candidates are running for the Illinois 14th Congressional District U.S. House of Representatives seat against Democrat Representative Lauren Underwood in 2020. The winner of the 2020 spring primary will go up against her. The candidates filed one by one into the school’s Auxiliary Gym to speak with students both in and out of the Republican Club.
This school year, Oswego High School switched from reusable plastic lunch trays to disposable styrofoam lunch trays. Oswego High School has been using reusable plastic lunch trays for a very long time. So, why would the...
Many students registered to vote for the national 2020 primaries at Oswego High School on Wednesday, Oct. 16, with the help of the League of Women Voters.

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