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Best Buddies comes to OHS

For the first time, Oswego High School is starting its own chapter of Best Buddies, a club that provides an opportunity for students with developmental and intellectual disabilities to hang out with their peers inside and outside of school. Best Buddies Club is a brand new club at Oswego High School that is replacing the old Circle of Friends club. Ms. Sara Duffy is the main teacher and sponsor for the club, along with help from senior leaders like Dane Davenport and Justin Allen.

Nicole Larsen, beloved science teacher, dies at 42

Oswego High School science teacher Nicole Larsen, age 42, passed away unexpectedly on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018.
Tegan Zoephel

Student Keynote Speaker for Class of 2018

We are happy to congratulate Tegan Zoephel on being chosen to speak at graduation this year. Tegan, along with many other students at OHS,...
Mental Health Awareness Wordle

Mental Health Awareness Month

It is officially May, which means it is also Mental Health Awareness Month. In particular, though, Mental Health Awareness day is Thursday, May 10....
College Signing Day in Student Services

Seniors’ Next Steps

May 1 was a big day for high school seniors all across the country.  May 1st is acknowledged around the country to recognize what...

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