Getting back into a routine, staying atop work, and balancing school along with everything else in life can truly stress one out! The start of the school year brings with it all types of feelings, thoughts, and...
With the school year coming to an end, we all understand the rush of getting assigned a bunch of work during the last few weeks of school. But do teachers assign too much work, or are students overreacting?
Sexual assault and sexual violence are the most under-reported crime in America. The month of April has been dedicated to sexual assault awareness and prevention.
The aesthetic, termed “cottagecore,” thrives upon soft color pallets and filters and is inspired heavily by a strongly romanticized idea of early western agricultural life. Think soft meadows, cute farmhouses, prairie dresses, and home-baked goods.
As spring break approaches, it’s time to consider how we will be returning to a different schedule once we return and whether or not we want to make adjustments because of that schedule.

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