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Editor: Jamani Reed
In general, red areas got redder, and blue areas got bluer. Sense a pattern? As a Republican, I will dive into the results of the midterms and what it could potentially do to affect our society and voting days that will come.
I’m here to tell all you haters that despite what you think, country music is better than it seems.
Even students who are not religious could benefit from a longer moment of silence. They can use this time to think about any family members or friends they may have lost recently, or any sacrifices they have made to better themselves or others.
Why is it that I can buy vape juice and look up how to grow weed on the school computers, but I can't watch a simple YouTube video on engineering mechanisms? Or when I'm in class, and a teacher needs to show the us a video, they can’t get to it because the school has blocked it?
With all the school shootings that have occurred in the past two years, schools nationwide have installed the BluePoint Police Alarm, but is this something that the administration and school board should consider installing in schools throughout District 308?

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