Exercise can take many shapes and forms, such as walking, running, swimming, bike riding, and of course, sports. No one questions if these forms of exercise can be “wrong,”  except youth weight lifting.
In Florida, politics and law have begun to meddle with the public education system. A new law instated by Governor Ron DeSantis that prohibits talk of sexuality and gender in the classroom has now been cause to try and...
According to US News, 77% of schools have discontinued the usage of cell phones during class time by 2020. But the question is, when did phones become more important than learning?  A mobile phone is a major thing for a young adult to have. There are good things about having a phone at all times like contacting parents, siblings, family members, work, and friends in case of an emergency.
Image credit: Mary Gibney
In 1872, congress first established Yellowstone, Montana, as what is now coined the first National Park.