42Fifty Editors Delaney Holman and Trinity Heard debate on whether November is too soon to begin holiday festivities.
Every year as autumn presses onward, people from all over gather with friends and family to enjoy a feast. Thanksgiving this year will fall on Nov. 25. This holiday originally was to honor the pilgrims and Native Americans that once came together to share a meal and be grateful for the successful food they gathered together. 2021 marks 400 years since the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. 42Fifty Editors Brady and Jasper debate on the importance of this holiday and if it should continue to be celebrated. 
Daylight Saving Time began this previous spring on March 14, and ended this past Sunday, Nov. 7. Despite popular belief, the original purpose of implementing daylight saving time was initiated back in 1916 to save on fuel used to power lights. Setting the clocks ahead one hour allowed the United States to give the saved fuel to the war effort. In 1966, the United States officially adopted Daylight Saving Time. 
The COVID-19 pandemic has put Oswego High School into a spiral of problems. A problem has been mandating masks and getting students to wear them, and wear them properly.
Getting back into a routine, staying atop work, and balancing school along with everything else in life can truly stress one out! The start of the school year brings with it all types of feelings, thoughts, and...

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