Monday, November 28, 2022
Editor’s note: Ryker Stevenson, Arts and Entertainment editor for 42fifty, is an employee at Massacre Haunted House, but is not affiliated with this article. During the Halloween season, haunted houses are a very popular attraction for teenagers. However, they do...
With the holiday season approaching, the age-old question of what the best holiday is is still ringing. 42Fifty Editors Raelyn Alvarez and Abby Geers debate whether Halloween or Christmas is the better holiday.
This editorial reflects the official opinions of 42Fifty’s 2022-2023 editorial staff. For more information on staff editorials, please see our editorial policy. With the importance of the SAT on the decline and student stress on the rise, Oswego High School administration...
Dream's face reveal was so hyped that when people saw he was a normal guy, they immediately began to criticize his appearance as harshly as they could.

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