Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Oswego High School offers a large range of sports and extracurriculars to engage students of all interests. Supposedly, the creation of all these clubs is to bring together a variety of different students and create a family. Coaches tell you the goal is to have fun. However, they do not tell you about their overbearing thirst to win.
Desperately waiting for hours to push the button to reserve your spot in the waiting line for your favorite artist?
On April 12, 2023, Oswego High School Juniors will take part in the controversial SAT.
Everyone knows boxed chocolate. You walk into any store around Valentine’s Day, and the shelves are lined with heart-shaped boxes of various sizes and colors. These chocolate sample boxes available for the holidays seem like the perfect gift for...
Have you ever sat in your quiet class, everyone minding their own business, and your stomach starts to rumble? You try your best to quiet it down, you search your entire backpack for a snack or even gum, but you can't seem to find anything. You ask your friend in that class if they have anything for you to snack on and they have nothing. You look at the clock and it says 10:30 a.m., and your lunch isn't until seventh period. What do you do?