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Editor: Jamani Reed
Do you remember the last time you went outside and said, “Wow, what a beautiful day it is today”? Yeah, me neither. This winter has been a drag, and I’ve had enough of it.
From freshman Nolan Valyou in response to "'Skits and Giggles': More skits than giggles," with a response from Entertainment Editor Charlie Recchia.
Valentine’s Day is just another opportunity for people to grow more materialistic, instead of taking the time to truly appreciate their significant others.
In light of the release of Lifetime’s documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly,” a large conversation has taken place on social media over the seriousness of R&B singer Robert Kelly’s actions, and how people should respond to the claims.
AP Macroeconomics isn’t just a class useful to those interested in its material—it is a useful class for skills needed throughout life.

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