After reviewing District 308’s plan to return to in-person school come early December, the 42Fifty Staff sees several flaws that need to be addressed in order for students and staff to be successful.
Of the two choices presented to the board and to Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin, 42Fifty supports the remote learning for all plan as it provides the highest and most equitable level of education across the board, while keeping students and teachers safe from risk of a major COVID-19 outbreak.
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the nation have turned to remote virtual learning as they practice social distancing and self-quarantining. This may look different for everyone, as both teachers and students have to adapt to this new form of education. SD308 itself has to adjust to this system of distance learning that may likely last until the end of the year based on orders given by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.
As the Illinois Primary Election approaches on March 17, 2020, the 42Fifty staff feels it’s time to endorse one of the three current candidates jostling for position as the Democratic nominee in the presidential election. Out of the three remaining candidates, our staff endorses Bernie Sanders.
Three years ago, Oswego High School officially established 42Fifty as the school’s first journalism-oriented course. Digital Journalism is a student-led class, which means everything is chosen and done by the students. This class was created to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions in a school setting, while also reporting on news that occurs throughout the school year. The class has a harmony between opinion and fact, and writers have the opportunity to work with this harmony to write about anything their mind comes to. If you are looking at putting your work out to the public and having a voice in our school, this is the class for you.

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