As one student, Othan Eng, explains, “I guess the change had come from the whole fact that Mongolians are amazing throat singers. And that you really don’t have to use your actual voice. And when everyone is sick all you get is a raspy like voice. So, in a way, your sick singing voice is very similar to Mongolian throat singing.”
UPDATE: Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the sport is delayed until someone makes a Zoom hotspot so the tournament can continue from our own bathrooms.
Oswego High School students reported three different sighting of prehistoric insects in the dungeon on April 1. Students have been complaining about small spiders and beetles crawling around for years, but this is the first time that there have been major reports
As of April 1, 2019, all teachers within School District 308 have been fired due to budget cuts—all classes moving forward will be taught by students. Teachers have been protesting since the decision was made.

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