On March 32, 2021, the school board announced that OHS will be entering phase 5. The plan includes a mandatory dress code policy: students must wear inflatable bumper balls to maintain proper social distancing. The plan states that students will be coming to school every so often along with a few other details that nobody cares about.
On March 45th, our Oswego Autos Classes have been donated a strikingly worn down 1958 Plymouth Fury, the donor has remained a mystery, although witnesses of the event claim they never saw any driver or process in the donation, it seems as though that Fury just drove itself onto the lot. On the car was a letter containing the single name “Christine,” which the students have been calling the Fury.
COVID-19 has placed a lot of stress on teachers and students, especially during a slow return back to school. Oswego High School has been looking for ways to lessen this stress and make the transition back to in-person learning as easy as possible.
The school board recently announced a new phase for hybrid learning: 1/16 of students will attend in-person every 15 minutes, and all teachers will work from home.
Man, I am tired. I can’t think of anything to write about. I think my dog Tito is smart. He understands that he is not allowed to chew on socks so he hides them under the couch so he can chew on them when nobody is around. I think that is pretty smart. I’m gonna let him tap his little paws on the keyboard and let autocorrect do the rest. Lets see what he has to say.

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