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BIONIC Five Guys Fundraiser

Wednesday, February 7, BIONIC is having a fundraiser to raise money for this anti-bullying club. This fundraiser will be held at the local Five Guys

2018 Prom Fashion Show

On Monday, January 22, Oswego High School hosted the annual Prom Fashion show ran by Oswego High School seniors Sabrina Brunelle and Megan Kohorn. Show

Comfort At No Cost: Free Feminine Hygiene Products Within Oswego High School

Oswego High School has installed free pad and tampon dispensers over winter break due to a state mandated law that was made effective January 1.

Arts & Entertainment

5 Places To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

  The Christkindlmarket- This Christmas market can be found in Chicago, or just as close as downtown Naperville. The market is inspired by the first Christkindlmarket in Nuremberg, Germany in 1545. The market brings both European, and German traditions to show different ways, and items countries use to celebrate Christmas.

7 Oswego High School Students Advance to ILMEA State Conference

October 3, over 70 Owego High School students went to Addison Trail High School to audition for the Illinois Music Educator Association All-District and All-State conferences. 20 of those students were accepted into the District 9 All-District Senior Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Jazz Ensembles. Of those 20 students, 4 of

Throwback Game Reviews: Halo 4

Oh boy, generic shooter games? My favorite. Halo 4 is a shooter game that does literally nothing unique or creative to make itself stand out; it just exists for some reason. Halo 4 just steals everything from the Halo games before it, adding very little that’s new, and when it


Advancements in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) does look like its still a technology in development, and it is, however, believe it or not, artificial intelligence is in the services that you likely use on a day to day basis. Large, heavily-used services like Facebook, Google, and Siri all use artificial intelligence and machine

[VIDEO] Speech Team: Enough Said

Continued follow up on OHS Speech Team and the upcoming season.  

Throwback Thursday, Gatsby Style

If you were to walk into any of Ms. Contino’s English classes last week, you would have taken a trip back to the roaring nineteen-twenties.


[VIDEO] OHS Varsity Basketball

This week I sat down with OHS varsity basketball players Julian Bell, Jack Kahoun, and Marco Wilson. I interviewed them to talk about the season so far and going ahead. Also how they see it personally. Good Luck this season to all OHS basketball players. Intro and Outro Music: No

[SLIDESHOW] 2017 Football Season

This slideshow gives glimpses of how the Oswego Football team looked this past season. Pictures from a variety of different games give you a look at the team.


Trade School v. College

Growing up a large amount of kids think about going to college getting a degree then doing whatever you so choose. But that’s not the only option, the trades are also available to go into.

Should Art be Graded?

A common class to take in schools is art class. It is quite common because some kids view it as “an easy A”. But no grade should be given at all.