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OHS students react to the government shutdown

As of Jan. 11, 2018, the U.S. government shutdown reached its third week, making this the longest government shutdown America has ever faced, and it has sparked the formulation of a wide variety of opinions from students at Oswego High School.
OHS Choir Room

OHS and junior high choirs to come together in upcoming Big Cat concert

The annual Big Cat concert, a show where middle schoolers from both Traughber and Thompson are invited to perform with Oswego High School’s own choir students, will take place in the OHS auditorium Jan. 17.
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Fume hood no good! Odor leak forces partial evacuation, hold-in-place

Due to a chemical outbreak in the science department, Oswego High School only had a seven-period day on Thursday, Nov. 29, as a result of a hold-in-place called by Principal Mr. Michael Wayne.


Ariana Grande vs. Kanye West

Roar in the Jungle: Grande vs. West

The two are extremely big and well known artists who are top-tier in their respective genres of music, but, who is the more influential artist?

Oswego’s Kitchens: Danelli’s

Danelli’s is the restaurant for any true Italian food and atmosphere lover. With its exciting family history and old-fashioned style, it is a local treasure.

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Marvel’s unique masterpiece: ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’

Marvel is back with another hit: “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” telling a story that never let up with its awesomeness. This action-packed animated film shows the best of what Marvel has to offer. “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” is perfect for anyone seeking suspense, action and adventure with an uplifting storyline.


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NFL Conference Championship weekend predictions

On Sunday, Jan. 20, the American Football Conference Championship and National Football Conference Championships are taking place as a part of the...


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2018 midterms results, what they mean for future elections

In general, red areas got redder, and blue areas got bluer. Sense a pattern? As a Republican, I will dive into the results of the midterms and what it could potentially do to affect our society and voting days that will come.
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Country music is better than you think

I’m here to tell all you haters that despite what you think, country music is better than it seems.

Morning moment of silence is too short

Even students who are not religious could benefit from a longer moment of silence. They can use this time to think about any family members or friends they may have lost recently, or any sacrifices they have made to better themselves or others.


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The Scoop, Ep. 7: New Year, New Scoop

In 2019's first episode of The Scoop, Ryan and Owen cover the government shutdown, a threat to the Queen, additions to the public domain, and a preview of the year to come. They also share their opinions on this episode's question: Are New Year's resolutions still relevant in 2019?



Brian’s Loaf of Life, Ep. 1: Pop Quiz! Should you use...

42Fifty is proud to present the season premiere of Brian’s Loaf of Life! On the this week’s episode, Brian will be talking about if...


GALLERY: Oswego hockey suffers tough 2-5 loss at home against Naperville...

In a conference match between the Naperville North Huskies and the Oswego hockey team, it was the Huskies who took the win in the...

GALLERY: Our JEA Experience

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