two girls pointing at the poster for Oswego High School's 2022 Prom, the Enchanted Garden

Everything you need to know about the upcoming OHS Prom

The season of dress shopping and limo rentals is upon us: prom is less than a month away! It’s been two years since we last had this school-hosted dance, so here is everything you need to know about Oswego High School’s 2022 Prom.

Oswego High School implements ‘Hallway Sweeps’ to address tardiness issue

On Feb. 1, 2022, School District 308 sent an email to Oswego High School staff, parents, and students regarding the next step...

District 308 updated safety plan makes masks optional

On the night of Feb. 16, School District 308 updated masking regulations, as well as its safety plan within the district. This...


Different kinds of people walking on a cartoon globe with country flags behind it.

Amplify student voices with the OH coalition

In April of the 2021-2022 school year, the newly formed OH Coalition hosted an Amplify event. Because of the newness of the Coalition, many students are unaware of what it entails and the Amplify event it hopes to continue hosting.

Moon Rules Apply: A rising Oswego student band

Most high school students dedicate their time to sports, clubs or a job. However, the members of Moon Rules Apply decided to...

arts & entertainment

The Standing O theatre company performing their rendition of "Chicago" in the OHS auditorium

OHS’ Standing O sets the tone for their performances of “Chicago”

Every year, the Standing O Theater company, Oswego High School’s performing arts program, puts on its annual spring production, and this year’s...


A graphic of three photos of RJ Cook over a stock image of lightning.

RJ Cook: White Lightning strikes again—this time, from the sidelines

RJ Cook is a senior at Oswego High School, football is his passion, and it’s drawn him enough to accept a coaching position at OHS. Like any stereotypical high school athlete, his Instagram page is filled with photos of him in action under the lights. Since Cook was offered a coaching position at his soon-to-be alma mater, we had to know what made him agree to come back. 


The age limit needs to be raised for prom guests

My senior prom took place on April 23 this year; I got my dress, I chose my makeup look, I made my...

Sammie’s official ranking of Starbucks spring/summer drinks

Starbucks is known for its rotating seasonal selection of drinks, but some drinks just shouldn't be rotated back in—take it from me,...
the 42fifty staff edited onto a wedding party picture

Staff Editorial: The 42Fifty staff should be invited to Ms. Hands’ wedding

This summer, 42Fifty’s favorite advisor Ms. Hands will be celebrating the union of her and her little journalist fiance in the form of marriage. Last school year, Ms. Hands announced to her journalism class that she got engaged, and all year she has been talking to the 42Fifty staff about her planning for this wedding. We, as a staff, know when, and where it is, and what dress she’ll be wearing, so where is our invitation?


Crucial Comparisons, Ep. 1: Donda vs. CLB

In the first episode of Crucial Comparisons, 42Fifty Editors Austin Lamb and Delaney Holman discuss the especially viral albums Donda by Kanye West and Certified Lover Boy by Drake.


Fit Check, Ep. 3: Halloween Edition

Mulitmedia editor Trinity Heard asks questions on the Friday before Halloween to her fellow peers. Many questions involve favorite fall colors and...


Joel Johnson, wearing a white uniform with an orange number 9 on it, stands mid-swing in front of the Plainfield South catcher and the umpire.

Oswego High School varsity faces Plainfield South in an easy...

Sports editor Kira Farooqui takes us through the win of Oswego High School varsity baseball over Plainfield South through a gallery of photos.

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