The exterior of Oswego High School

Community reacts to new reopening plan

On Oct. 13, the SD308 school board approved a plan to return to in-person learning starting in January 2021 after the holiday break.

OHS chooses Biden, all Democratic candidates in mock election

With 64.5% of the vote, Joe Biden won the mock presidential election put on by Oswego High School’s Democracy School.
Members of the Student Services Staff take a group photo in front of the school.

How student services is supporting students during remote learning

Student services has adjusted to going remote by offering their services in a new way online.


A face mask lies in the foreground of an image of pumpkins and candles. "Thanksgiving 2020" is written.

Roar in the Jungle: How will students and staff show their...

It is fairly obvious Thanksgiving will be different this year than it has been in the past, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abbey Glaser is back in the pool!

Senior Abbey Glaser began swimming lessons when she was little in between dancing, cheer and golf seasons until her trainer told her she was ready for a team.

arts & entertainment

PlayStation5 Hopes and Hype

No doubt about it, 95 percent of gamers are excited about next generation consoles and are curious as to how Sony's Playstation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X compare and contrast.


The boys team practices with masks on.

Basketball holds out hope for a season

This is very sad news for Panther fans, as over the past three years Oswego has seen tremendous growth in its basketball programs, both boys and girls.


Is “Among Us” really that great?

If you’ve been on the internet for the past month, chances are you’ve heard of a game called “Among Us.”
watercolor painting of a gray figure in fall

SAD: The Fight Against Yourself

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as seasonal depression, is the constant internal battle within your mind, with yourself.
Blurred image of students in a classroom with a question mark in front

Staff Editorial: SD308 is putting students back in school, but at what cost?

After reviewing District 308’s plan to return to in-person school come early December, the 42Fifty Staff sees several flaws that need to be addressed in order for students and staff to be successful.


42Fifty Podcast: COVID-19 has ruined 2020

Nobody thought that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic would last all the way through the summer of 2020. This is not the ideal year everyone was expecting, from staying at home all summer to School District 308 going fully remote for grades K-12. In this video, you will hear the viewpoints from Opinions Editor Triston Green, Sports Editor Evan Sharrard, and Staff Writer Anthony Myers and how their expectations of summer soon went completely awry.


VIDEO: Travis Scott Burger Review

In this video, 42Fifty Staff Producer Anthony Myers eats the new Travis Scott burger from McDonalds. Critics say it tastes like a regular quarter pounder with bacon. Will it blow his mind or will he be disappointed? You may be surprised by the outcome!


A matching face mask is a perfect accessory for Halloween costumes...

As Halloween approaches, it’s important to celebrate safely. With that said, here are some costume ideas that pair well with masks.

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