A Chromeboook computer sits out on an outdoor desk

East Aurora School District 131 gives technology to SD308 for remote learning

While distributing devices to families the district started running low and the technology department realized they were going to need more technology than they could provide.

Everything you need (and want) to know about the next phase of returning to...

In this article, we are going to try and clear up any misconceptions and answer FAQ’s submitted by students and parents via our Instagram (@oh42fifty) and other questions we have discovered on social media.
The exterior of Oswego High School

Community reacts to new reopening plan

On Oct. 13, the SD308 school board approved a plan to return to in-person learning starting in January 2021 after the holiday break.


two student wearing masks are on the bus.

Roar in the Jungle: Panthers weigh in on remote vs. hybrid...

2020 sparked a lot of talk on how schools will decide to reopen, and Oswego High School implemented a plan to do just that. Students were able to choose between either staying fully remote, or choosing the new hybrid learning method. We asked some students about which option they chose and why they made that decision. In a recent poll posted on the 42Fifty Instagram page, a question was posted asking if students were going to be going in-person for learning. Out of 61 total responses, 31 people said they are going back and 30 people said they are staying home.
A face mask lies in the foreground of an image of pumpkins and candles. "Thanksgiving 2020" is written.

Roar in the Jungle: How will students and staff show their...

It is fairly obvious Thanksgiving will be different this year than it has been in the past, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

arts & entertainment

The cover of Olivia Rodrgo's Drivers License. A girl sitting with her heard on her hand.

Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about listening to ‘Drivers License’ every...

The 17-year-old is best known for her leading role in the Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” While she wrote multiple songs for the show, none of them have received quite as much praise as her debut single.


The schedule for the remaining sports seasons.

OHS sports return in phase 4

Phase 4 not only allows for restaurants to be open with limited capacity and COVID-19 guidelines like social distancing, schools can resume with high-risk sports that are permitted a 50-person gathering limit.


The boys team practices with masks on.

Opinion: The SPC Playoff experiment of 2021 should stay long after COVID

Praise whatever deity it is that you believe in, because high school sports are back! I’ve been waiting a long time to type those words, and boy am I glad that the day finally came.

The peak of division in America

The capital riots have shown us how deeply divided our country is, and have revealed how prevalent white privilege is in...

Is “Among Us” really that great?

If you’ve been on the internet for the past month, chances are you’ve heard of a game called “Among Us.”


42Fifty Podcast: COVID-19 has ruined 2020

Nobody thought that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic would last all the way through the summer of 2020. This is not the ideal year everyone was expecting, from staying at home all summer to School District 308 going fully remote for grades K-12. In this video, you will hear the viewpoints from Opinions Editor Triston Green, Sports Editor Evan Sharrard, and Staff Writer Anthony Myers and how their expectations of summer soon went completely awry.


VIDEO: Travis Scott Burger Review

In this video, 42Fifty Staff Producer Anthony Myers eats the new Travis Scott burger from McDonalds. Critics say it tastes like a regular quarter pounder with bacon. Will it blow his mind or will he be disappointed? You may be surprised by the outcome!


A matching face mask is a perfect accessory for Halloween costumes...

As Halloween approaches, it’s important to celebrate safely. With that said, here are some costume ideas that pair well with masks.

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