Air Filter

Air Quality Control

By Adam Whelpley 42Fifty Staff Writer Air quality tests were done last week on specific rooms in the building. The school was issued these tests as...

SAT Test Taking Tips

By Abigail Miller 42Fifty Staff Writer Taking the SAT can be scary. With SAT scores being an integral part of college acceptance, students often feel like their...
Graduation caps being thrown into a blue sky

Mark Your Calendars, Seniors

By Daniela Ceja 42Fifty Staff Writer Graduation is an important event for any graduating senior, but it’s also important to know the key dates leading...


2018 OHS Prom Court Members

Oswego High School Royalty: Prom Court 2018

By Lilye Adkins 42Fifty Staff Writer As I entered the school on the morning of April 9, there were two main topics of conversation among...

arts & entertainment

Oswego High School Visual Arts Crest

How Art Shapes and Influences the Students at Oswego High School

By Brenna Clausen 42Fifty Staff Writer Throughout all four years of high school I have taken every fine art class and digital design class offered....


Freshman Throws No-Hitter in First High School Start

By: Jake Salzbrunn 42Fifty Staff Writer In a baseball game, the odds of throwing a no-hitting are 1-1,562. Freshman pitcher Devin Hoffman did that such...




New Game Releases

Destiny 2 Podcast Review