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OHS students weigh in on Iran conflict

OHS students, especially those who are going into the military and those who are of voting age, are worried about the implications this conflict holds.
William Nunamaker presents artwork of a bird to class of art students

William Nunamaker, assistant principal and activities director, dies at 43

Mr. William Allan Nunamaker, age 43, lost his hard-fought battle with brain cancer on Friday, Jan. 10, 2020, after being diagnosed a little over one year ago. He was born on Sept. 27 1976, and lived in Wheaton, Illinois. Mr. Nunamaker was the assistant principal for building and operations at Oswego High School since 2012, also serving as OHS’s activities director.
Darren Howard in his office wearing an Oswego High School zip-up.

Mr. Darren Howard elected president of IADA

This is a new opportunity for Howard to work on a personal level with all members of sports-related activities within the state of Illinois, no matter the sport or level. As the president of this IADA, he can work towards improving the quality of athletic programs by making important decisions for all athletic departments in the state, working closely with other departments that manage high school level sports.



Mr. Henricks breaks down the Iran conflict

Confused about what's happening between the U.S. and Iran? 42Fifty sat down with Mr. Aaron Henricks, social studies teacher, to find the answers to some common questions.
salón de programa ESL

El gran impacto del programa ELL en OHS

Siendo Estados Unidos un país de oportunidades y privilegios podemos encontrar estudiantes extranjeros en busca de una mejor vida o educación. Existen muchas escuelas públicas que ofrecen el programa ESL el cual ayuda a estudiantes recién llegados al país a aprender el idioma inglés. Oswego High School es una de esas escuelas en las que se ofrece el programa y cuenta como un lugar unido y familiar ya que la mayoría de los estudiantes tienen cosas en común como sus orígenes, identidad, y experiencias.

arts & entertainment

‘Little Women’ and how novels should be adapted

Since the publication of both of its volumes in 1868 and 1869, “Little Women” has seen six plays, three musicals for the stage, a musical for television, two radio plays, six films (including silent films) as well as a made for TV movie, two anime shows, five mini-series, two regular series, and an opera. Despite this, Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation of the novel still manages to bring a new and original take to the classic novel, and is without a doubt, one of the greatest adaptations of the novel to date.


Stefan Ninic returns a tennis ball during a tennis practice.

OHS sports managers: An inside look

Sports at Oswego High School are a big part of the culture of the school. A majority of students are involved in the sports program one way or another. Teachers become coaches and students become players, but that is not the only way to get involved in the coveted sports programs.


Stop acting like the Christmas season starts in June

I don’t hate Christmas. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Christmas is my favorite holiday compared to the many other great ones, and I love it. I always look forward to it every single year, and it is the most beautiful time of the year. Christmas is a near-perfect holiday in all aspects, but the most significant issue and criticism I have on it? By the time Dec. 25 comes, I’m already annoyed with it and don’t care for the spirit anymore.

It’s James Bond, not ‘Jamie Bond’: Why a female 007 is bad for the...

Everyone knows his name. James Bond. The James Bond films became a talking point recently. The reason being the decision to make British actress Lashana Lynch the new 007, which will make her the first woman to play the role. Lashana Lynch will play Nomi in the 2020 Bond film, "No Time to Die." She will also play 007 in upcoming installments of the Bond franchise. I think, for the Bond Franchise, this is not the right decision because male-led spy films do better than female-led, and they have already built up a reputation with James Bond.

Are phones becoming too addicting?

In today’s society, many kids and teenagers are becoming more addicted to their phones as parents and others are giving them easier access to phones at a young age. When students are on their phones more, it causes them to lose focus and not have good attention spans. Phone usage is causing students to become more focused on their phones and their surrounding peers, rather than focusing on school and their future in education.



Pretentious, Ep. 3: ‘The Irishman’

Local film nerds Charlie Recchia and Jeremy Davis ramble on about Martin Scorsese's new crime epic "The Irishman," including general thoughts, ranking of other Scorsese mob flicks, and what the film means for the rest of his filmography.

Spooky Time, Ep. 1



Mr. Henricks breaks down the Iran conflict

Confused about what's happening between the U.S. and Iran? 42Fifty sat down with Mr. Aaron Henricks, social studies teacher, to find the answers to some common questions.


Scoreboard at the Hoops for Hope game.

PHOTO ESSAY: Panthers score for cancer research at annual Hoops for...

Communities Against Cancer: Hoops for Hope is an annual fundraiser and day of basketball, hosted by Oswego and Yorkville, where money is raised for Cal’s Angels - an organization that is focused on pediatric cancer research.

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