students eating in the Oswego High School cafeteria

Administrators, teachers struggling to enforce COVID-19 protocols in the cafeteria

As students at Oswego High School adjust to being back in school, they are also adjusting to new guidelines in the cafeteria in order to lower the risk of transmission of COVID-19. However, staff members are struggling to enforce protocols in the lunchroom because of the limited space and large number of students. 

What you need to know about getting vaccinated

Signaling the beginning of the end, vaccines have been distributed extremely rapidly throughout the United States. However, as with anything affecting so many people, several questions have been frequently asked. The answers below are tailored to residents of Kendall County.
A student sits at her desk while taking an exam on her computer.

AP students given more options for 2021 exams

Following the theme of the 2020-2021 school year, AP testing is seeing some major changes compared to previous years.


A scantron testing sheet and pencil

Finals: The Updated Plan

With the end of the school year sneaking up on students, finals are going to be a worry for just about everyone within the next few weeks.
A watercolor painting of the planet being held by someone's hands.

How can you help the planet in honor of Earth Day?

We can make a difference, big or small, in our everyday lives to limit pollution and improve the condition of the planet.

arts & entertainment

Kendrick Lamar stands with his eyes looking off-camera during a stage performance

My Predictions for Kendrick Lamar’s ‘final TDE album’

On Aug. 20, Kendrick Lamar bestowed a new website upon his fans with the cryptic title of “” This website provides a singular icon of a folder titled “nu thoughts,” that when clicked, introduces a small wall of text in which Lamar provides his feelings about working on his upcoming album, which he also says will be the final album on his label, Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) that he has been with since the beginning of his career. 


The Panthers gather at midfield before a match against Oswego East.

One last ride: Boys soccer relives dramatic shortened season

The Panthers came into the season with high expectations, and they lived up to them. The boys posted an 10-4 record, including a trip to the Southwest Prairie Conference Tournament Semifinals. While they came up short of the conference championship, they played a competitive schedule that challenged them every week.
The schedule for the remaining sports seasons.

OHS sports return in phase 4


Mental health matters, and so do you

Getting back into a routine, staying atop work, and balancing school along with everything else in life can truly stress one out!...
A student sits in front of his computer, stressed from the amount of homework piling up.

It’s only getting worse: Teachers assign too much homework

With the school year coming to an end, we all understand the rush of getting assigned a bunch of work during the last few weeks of school. But do teachers assign too much work, or are students overreacting?

What survivors wish you knew about sexual assault

Sexual assault and sexual violence are the most under-reported crime in America. The month of April has been dedicated to sexual assault awareness and prevention.


42Fifty Podcast: COVID-19 has ruined 2020

Nobody thought that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic would last all the way through the summer of 2020. This is not the ideal year everyone was expecting, from staying at home all summer to School District 308 going fully remote for grades K-12. In this video, you will hear the viewpoints from Opinions Editor Triston Green, Sports Editor Evan Sharrard, and Staff Writer Anthony Myers and how their expectations of summer soon went completely awry.


VIDEO: Travis Scott Burger Review

In this video, 42Fifty Staff Producer Anthony Myers eats the new Travis Scott burger from McDonalds. Critics say it tastes like a regular quarter pounder with bacon. Will it blow his mind or will he be disappointed? You may be surprised by the outcome!


A matching face mask is a perfect accessory for Halloween costumes...

As Halloween approaches, it’s important to celebrate safely. With that said, here are some costume ideas that pair well with masks.

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