These emails come after Governor JB Pritzker extended the Stay at Home order on March 31 through the end of April. As a result, all school buildings will have to remain closed until April 30. Many events, including spring sports and prom were slated to take place over the next month, but the closure of schools has forced their cancelations.
Due to all of these various health problems involving my lungs and my body’s non-existent ability to fight infection, the “self-isolating” that everyone has talked and joked about is something that’s very real for me.
Jermolowicz, a senior, began making her own scrunchies, a popular ‘90s ponytail holder that regained popularity in the 2010s, in July 2019. Since then, it has grown into a small business: Becky’s Scrunchies.
There are plenty of free or very cheap games that could be played for hours to keep your mind occupied and entertained.
There is nothing better to beat boredom than watching a good movie or TV show. If quarantining has been feeling a little dull, then here are three TV shows and movies that I think will make the experience a little more enjoyable!

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