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On the bright side, "El Camino" holds some incredible acting performances, some even being the best I have seen all year. Aaron Paul and his reprisal of Jesse Pinkman is nothing short of incredible. Paul is able to dive into this character so deep that I cannot see a single glimpse of Paul's real-life personality or character. All I can see is Pinkman and Pinkman only.
Mrs. Laurene Gatlin, a biology teacher here in at Oswego High School, will be retiring this year after 15 years of teaching. Mrs. Gatlin has been working as a biology teacher for 10 years at OHS out of those 15 years. With her retirement around the corner, Mrs. Gatlin is trying to relish in her time while she has it.
"Noises Off!" is the first play of the school year to hit the Oswego High School stage. The production features a play-within-a-play narrative that takes viewers behind the scenes of a doomed production. The...
Oswego High School (7-0, 3-0) took on its rival from down Wolf’s Crossing, Oswego East (4-3, 0-3), in the 15th annual Crosstown Game. The Panthers came in looking to stay undefeated in both the season and the all-time series against the Wolves. Oswego played a complete game on both sides of the football, winning 14-3.
No, video games are not the culprit of this recent spike of violence in the nation. Video games are played by millions and millions of people, and these millions of people do not all have the urge to kill people just because they have played “Call of Duty” before.

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