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Student Publication of Oswego High School, Oswego, IL

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

From Principal's Secretary Dawn Seno in response to 'Passing period music makes me want to die'

The crisis trilogy: Stories of love and loss

These are the stories of three students who lost something of importance to them. After going through either panic or instant resignation to their lost item’s fate, they have now accepted their losses.

Coping with stress in high school

At 2 a.m., most high school students are still sleeping, but for senior Megan Korhorn, this is the time when she wakes up to finish her homework.

An internal battle: Fighting depression and anxiety at OHS

I round the door of sophomore Xania Kimberly Ward’s classroom and see that she is alone, silent, on her phone. In fact, as I glance around while walking toward her, the whole classroom is silent and on their phones.