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[SATIRE] MS Paint gallery debuts from remote student

Today, Stew Dent, a junior at Oswego High School, debuted his most recent collection of work from his graphic design class. Dent has been attending school remotely since phase 25 began, and as a result, was issued a MacBook from the district in order to Adobe programs for his graphic design class.

Staff Editorial: SD308 is putting students back in school, but at what cost?

Blurred image of students in a classroom with a question mark in front

After reviewing District 308’s plan to return to in-person school come early December, the 42Fifty Staff sees several flaws that need to be addressed in order for students and staff to be successful.

Remote learning for all: Where 308 should start 2020-2021

Google Classroom on an computer as to simulate Remote Learning

Of the two choices presented to the board and to Superintendent Dr. John Sparlin, 42Fifty supports the remote learning for all plan as it provides the highest and most equitable level of education across the board, while keeping students and teachers safe from risk of a major COVID-19 outbreak.

42Fifty Staff Experiences With COVID-19

42Fifty logo seeks counseling as it is stressed about being in quarantine.

During mid-March, the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) evolved into a pandemic affecting families all across the world. This has left people having to adapt to working from home and students shifting to an online learning program. This outbreak has also left stores low on supplies such as food, toilet paper, and other appliances that people need to stay healthy while following government instituted quarantine.

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Student editors are students who have exemplary writing, editing, and leadership skills. There are also some editorial positions that focus less on writing and more on artistic and/or technological skills. As leaders of the publication, it is essential that all student editors are approachable and have the ability to work well with their peers. While not required, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc.) or other digital editing programs.

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