Saturday, January 28, 2023
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Staff Editorial: What’s wrong with SAT preparation and how to fix it

The current SAT textbooks used to prepare students

This editorial reflects the official opinions of 42Fifty’s 2022-2023 editorial staff. For more information on staff editorials, please see our editorial policy. With the importance of the SAT on the decline and student stress on the rise, Oswego High School administration needs to change how it prepares students. The administration needs to shift its focus from stressing the importance of the...

Staff Editorial: The 42Fifty staff should be invited to Ms. Hands’ wedding

the 42fifty staff edited onto a wedding party picture

This summer, 42Fifty’s favorite advisor Ms. Hands will be celebrating the union of her and her little journalist fiance in the form of marriage. Last school year, Ms. Hands announced to her journalism class that she got engaged, and all year she has been talking to the 42Fifty staff about her planning for this wedding. We, as a staff, know when, and where it is, and what dress she’ll be wearing, so where is our invitation?

Staff Editorial: Here’s what’s wrong with SST and how to fix it

rrent schedule and curriculum for Student Support Time is clearly inefficient, as students are unengaged, and some teachers are lacking the necessary engagement to effectively lead a class. 

Staff Editorial: OHS needs to do a better job of wearing and enforcing masks

The COVID-19 pandemic has put Oswego High School into a spiral of problems. A problem has been mandating masks and getting students to wear them, and wear them properly.

[SATIRE] MS Paint gallery debuts from remote student

Today, Stew Dent, a junior at Oswego High School, debuted his most recent collection of work from his graphic design class. Dent has been attending school remotely since phase 25 began, and as a result, was issued a MacBook from the district in order to Adobe programs for his graphic design class.