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Staff Editorial: 42Fifty endorses Bernie Sanders for president

As the Illinois Primary Election approaches on March 17, 2020, the 42Fifty staff feels it’s time to endorse one of the three current candidates jostling for position as the Democratic nominee in the presidential election. Out of the three remaining candidates, our staff endorses Bernie Sanders.

Op-Ed Submission: An open letter of thanks, from a soon-to-be Eagle Scout

About one year ago I decided to begin my Eagle Scout project, knowing that I would want to use it to make my school a better place. Something that caught my eye was how the courtyard near the math and science department was very overgrown and not in good condition.

Pretentious, Episode 6: “The Gentlemen”

Local film nerds Charlie Recchia and Jeremy Davis discuss Guy Ritchie’s new crime flick “The Gentlemen,” including general thoughts, and a discussion of their favorite crime films in the latest episode of "Pretentious."

Staff Editorial: Why you should take Digital Journalism 1

Three years ago, Oswego High School officially established 42Fifty as the school’s first journalism-oriented course. Digital Journalism is a student-led class, which means everything is chosen and done by the students. This class was created to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions in a school setting, while also reporting on news that occurs throughout the school year. The class has a harmony between opinion and fact, and writers have the opportunity to work with this harmony to write about anything their mind comes to. If you are looking at putting your work out to the public and having a voice in our school, this is the class for you.

42Fifty Super Bowl LIV predictions

This is shaping up to be a Super Bowl for the ages, let's see what the minds of 42Fifty have to say about the biggest sports event of the year.

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