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Staff Editorial: Four-year college isn’t the only option. So why does OHS act that way?

All it takes is a glance around the halls of Oswego High School to feel the pressure of attending a four-year college or university after graduating; classroom doors and bulletin boards are plastered with logos and posters. However, there are other options that better match the needs of many OHS students, both financially and demographically. As the editorial staff of 42Fifty, we feel that OHS pushes four-year colleges too much, while not promoting community college or other post-graduation options enough.

Staff Editorial: ALICE training is serious. It’s time to start acting that way.

Illustration of students reacting to lockdown while OHS (personified as a student) ignores the warning.

Although the teaching of A.L.I.C.E procedures is supposed to be taught in every classroom and mentioned before the first lockdown drill of the year, teachers do not spend—and perhaps are not given—nearly enough time educating students on these procedures. This claim is not only applicable to Oswego, but many other school districts in the country.

Wonder Women: Oswego’s first club for women only

Macy Sutton and Sam McGreevy

Sam McGreevy and Macy Sutton are two juniors at Oswego High School who saw a lack of representation in their classes. They noticed there were very few female students and they're just getting fewer and fewer as the levels get harder and harder. During a facetime call between the two girls, they had the idea to...

Playing from the past: The journey of a revival heavy metal band in 2019

Curse of Consciousness

It’s concert night. The fans have already paid for their $40 front row tickets and are prepared for the band. The lights dim, and the drummer fires off the nastiest solo you could imagine. The crowd cheers and begins head-banging along. The lead guitarist’s fingers fly as the strings sing musical bliss into the amplifier. The bass player—calmer than the rest of the band, but essential to the sound—is strumming along.

21CJ: Students voice opinions on OHS gravel lot


The gravel lot has long been a source of strife for OHS students. 21st Century Journalism students Jeremy Davis, Sammy Hernandez, Jonny Werle, and Caleb Maya got the scoop.

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