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21CJ: Junior high sports cuts to affect OHS athletic program


As a result of more budget cuts in district 308, non-intramural junior high sports will be cut for the 2019-2020 school year. How will this affect sports at the high school level? 21st Century Journalism reporters Kevin Jurkovic, Sam Gwodz, Becca Corbett, and Luke Urback got the scoop.

VIDEO: OHS’s juuling problem


Juuling continues to be a problem at Oswego High School, but why? 21st Century Journalism reporter Nathan Ely has the scoop.

The untold story of Vanesa Landa

Vanesa Landa

Vanesa, or Vane, as she prefers her friends to call her, places her hands against the wooden table, as her fingertips tied themselves up in miniature knots as anxiety breathed down her neck. She’s stiff as a rock, slightly rocking her body back and forth while I toss my notebook open to find my essential questions. Her smile screams nervousness as her brown eyes falter into slits.

Reggie Townsend: No normal teenager

Reggie Townsend on crutches on the basketball court

After a devastating accident, OHS sophomore Reggie Townsend primes for his big comeback Nov. 7, 2018: a day that was an expectedly exciting one for sophomore Reggie Townsend. The perennial star for the 2021 basketball team at Oswego High School, Townsend itched to get through the sluggish school day and onto the basketball...

The GOAT Faceoff, Ep. 2: Brady v. Brees

The GOAT logo

In this episode of The GOAT Faceoff, Zach, Matt, Jake, and Clay discuss who is the best quarterback of all time.

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