The SD308 school board voted in favor of students to return to live instruction at the Oct. 13 board meeting. This comes after a previously proposed plan to bring students back after the remote-for-all plan implemented at the start of the school year.
After reviewing District 308’s plan to return to in-person school come early December, the 42Fifty Staff sees several flaws that need to be addressed in order for students and staff to be successful.
When it comes to voting in America, it is the constitutional right of citizens to do so. It ensures people’s voices are heard when it comes to deciding who will make impactful decisions about the future of their country. As of 2020, voting has become more essential than ever due to political disturbances amidst a global pandemic. However, when the opportunity to vote arises, many Gen Z’ers feel defeated due to the lack of information about voting and simply feel unprepared. Here are the four most important steps in voting for the first time.
On Sept. 28, the SD308 board held a meeting where they proposed their updated plan for bringing students back to school after going completely remote due to the spread of COVID-19.
The stigma around mental health is clearly represented in the NFL. Prescott is among the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and yet he is one of the few players to speak publicly on his own struggles with mental health.

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