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Although this record is impressive and way ahead of its time, it does contain a few weak moments and questionable production choices. Some songs drag on for way too long, and there seems to be no consistent flow throughout the record. Although these problems are few and far between, when they occur they always stick out like a sore thumb.
All in all, this animated roller coaster is hilarious and will keep the audience entertained the entire time.
He started his career with musicals like “Straight Outta Oz” and then to went to Broadway to be the lead in “Kinky Boots.” Later in his career, Hall explored the genres of rhythm and blues, pop, and neo-soul with his 2014 album “Pop Star High.” His third and most recent solo studio album “Forbidden” was the first time that the artist dipped his toes into the hip-hop genre with elements of R&B and neo-soul.
I have to admit, I was not sold on the trailers. The movie seemed cheesy and formulaic with nothing new being brought to the table. As it turns out, I was dead wrong, as this is one of the best films of the year so far.
“Vs.” never fails to put Pearl Jam’s brilliance high upon a pedestal for everyone to see, from start to end.

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