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Editors: Austin Lamb, Payton Barry, and Ryker Stevenson

As someone who plays video games every day, I gravitate toward lore. Whether for the game as a whole or individual characters, it makes the playing experience more likable. But the second thing I look for is a variety of different characters. Nobody wants to see reused characters with slightly different colors and personalities. I'm a fan of quite a few games like “Cookie Run: Kingdom”, the “Splatoon” and “Pokémon” series, and “Genshin Impact”, but I've been noticing that I’m missing a lot of... well, melanin.
Be aware that some of the games in this list and my descriptions contain slightly graphic depictions of death and mentions of gore.  Horror games are some of the most interesting games you can play. They can be massive and...
TWICE came out with its 11th EP on Aug. 26, 2022 called "Between 1&2". TWICE is a nine-member South Korean girl group that debuted on Oct. 20, 2015 with its first EP “The Story Begins.” TWICE had been teasing their EP on their social media to rile up fans since Aug. 4, 2020. ONCE (TWICE’s fandom name) has been non-stop supporting TWICE with the insane comeback from “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” to “Between 1&2.”  The nine girls are super talented and have everything ranging from vocals, dance, rap, and visuals with all the members having their own position that they excel in. 
Earlier this month, popular indie artist Alexander O’Connor, better known as his stage name, Rex Orange County was charged with six counts of sexual assault. The shocking news about the singer has left fans with unanswered questions and indescribable feelings. Audiences around the world have been scrambling to find more information about the situation, as well as other artists to support instead.
Oswego High School's Standing O Theater Company was hard at work on its Fall play performance, performing Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew” with an interesting twist. They modernized the characters and sets, but still speak in the early Modern English of the original text.

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