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In 1999, Blur’s unconventional magnum opus, entitled “13,” was released to the masses. With “13,” Blur took a bold step into experimental rock, striving to move well beyond the pop sound that they were so attached to.
As of recently, the popular game Minecraft has been gaining more traffic than ever due to YouTubers and specific trends in gaming culture. A few students from Oswego High School talk about their experiences with the game and why they think it is growing in popularity.
Cinema, and any other art form really, can be classified on a scale. On one end is the documentary, which contains real and live events being documented to the audience. On the other lies the avant garde, where everything is abstract, experimental, and not only break the rules of cinema and storytelling, but of reality itself.
“The Banana Splits Movie.” The title itself probably raises a few questioning eyebrows. I mean, it sounds like some sort of cutesie romantic comedy set in an ice cream shop, right? Well, don’t be confused. This movie most certainly isn’t cute, and a romantic comedy it is not.
Rating: 8/10 The new game franchise “Astral Chain” was created by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. This first instalment holds a vast and complex world never seen before. It...

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