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Editors: Jeremy Davis and Andrew Provost

| Theater Editor: Annabelle Rivera

There are plenty of free or very cheap games that could be played for hours to keep your mind occupied and entertained.
There is nothing better to beat boredom than watching a good movie or TV show. If quarantining has been feeling a little dull, then here are three TV shows and movies that I think will make the experience a little more enjoyable!
The band started writing, producing and mixing their own music in the living room of their apartment in Manhattan. They started with a harmonica, a piano, and a bass, but now they play a variety of musical instruments.
In the 1990s, independent film struck the world like it’s never been struck before. This was the time of some of the greatest movies of all time, and the origin of some of the most talented directors of our time. This was truly a difficult list to make, purely because there were just so many amazing films that came out in these ten years. However, I have narrowed it down to my nine favorites, as this is the nineties after all.
Esteban Gabriel, un joven originario de Salamanca, Guanajuato, y actualmente radicando en Houston, Texas, es una de las nuevas caras en el Regional Mexicano con su popular éxito “Hay Niveles” que actualmente cuenta con 9.7 millones de vistas en YouTube. El joven, lo quién ha gradua

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