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I don't like this movie. In fact, I very much despise this movie. I hate this movie with every fiber of my very being. I can not fathom how any one person can even enjoy this. Its very existence feels like an insult to musicals, film, and my time. I feel a way about this movie that is only comparable to the way Victor Frankenstien felt about his creation. That its mere presence is a crime upon existence itself.
By the time the 1950s had rolled around, the Hollywood machine was already well and running. However, with the rise of television, the film industry had to prove to audiences that cinema was here to stay. This resulted in many great films. These are my personal five favorites from the era.
This is a list of movies that aren’t all necessarily horror movies, but instead, movies that put me in the Halloween spirit and that I really enjoy. Now, I know the month is already practically done, but I still think these movies need to be watched by all. So if you’re like me and have nothing to do this Halloween, I highly recommend watching one or even a few of these great films.
When I first heard Scorcese's comments, I was conflicted. One part of me agreed with him. He is, in fact, the director of some of the greatest American films of all time, so he's more than entitled to his own opinion on the subject of film. I also find a lot of these Marvel films to be quite formulaic.
“Gemini Man” is Ang Lee’s return to the action genre after 16 years. He first revolutionized the genre with 2000’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” for which he was nominated for an Oscar.

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