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[SATIRE] OHS fish sandwich causes new COVID-19 variant

On April 1, 2022, breaking news shocked the whole school. The rumors are true: a new COVID variant has been found within the school…and the infamous cafeteria fish sandwich is the source. 

OHS needs changes in curriculum

Let’s face it: the subjects we actually need for real-life are taught in elementary school. High school courses waste a considerable amount of time teaching topics that will forever remain useless. Sure, high school has taught us about hard work, but it also taught me about unnecessary stress and nothing about surviving in the real world! There are many ways to improve these issues and better prepare our current and future generations.       

Oswego High School implements ‘Hallway Sweeps’ to address tardiness issue

On Feb. 1, 2022, School District 308 sent an email to Oswego High School staff, parents, and students regarding the next step the school has taken to reduce tardiness: “hallway sweeps.” The OHS Deans felt the need to address increased absences and tardiness after the first semester. The sweeps are a new attempt OHS is taking to...

A completely accurate ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ review

First things first, HUGE spoiler warning!  But if you haven’t watched it by now, what are you even doing here? Go watch it.   ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ with a budget of $200 million, broke box office records, earning over $1.8billion at the time of this article’s publication... Although it has not...

A completely accurate “Halloween Kills” review 

Halloween promo poster showing Mike Myers in front of a burning building

Is "Halloween Kills" worth watching? It was a below-average slasher film that was substantially worse than the (2018) "Halloween" movie. I did not personally enjoy it whatsoever. Yes, this is very opinionated, but, I am never wrong. And here is my evidence to prove my claim. (I guess English class has paid off).

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