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Why is it that I can buy vape juice and look up how to grow weed on the school computers, but I can't watch a simple YouTube video on engineering mechanisms? Or when I'm in class, and a teacher needs to show the us a video, they can’t get to it because the school has blocked it?
AP Macroeconomics isn’t just a class useful to those interested in its material—it is a useful class for skills needed throughout life.
Another week, another reason for me to be angry.
From freshman Nolan Valyou in response to "'Skits and Giggles': More skits than giggles," with a response from Entertainment Editor Charlie Recchia.

Trade School v. College

Growing up a large amount of kids think about going to college getting a degree then doing whatever you so choose. But that’s not the only option, the trades are also available to go into. A benefit of college is...

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