I know this may sound a little harsh, but on a weekly basis, I get three headaches just because of the hallway music.
by Jennifer Ruegsegger 42Fifty Staff Writer On April 17, Mr. Nunamaker sent out the rundown for the graduation that will take place at Northern Illinois University. I have selected a few to insert my oh-so-bright commentary to pettily gripe about. First on...
Nike made a bold move by making Colin Kaepernick the face of its new ad campaign, and I personally agree with this choice. Not only was he statistically better than the Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton in 2016, but Kaepernick stood up for what he believed in even when the NFL shut him out.
The village of Oswego should do everything it can to ensure that its residents enjoy living there. The people of Oswego should have a reason to stay living there. It needs better public transportation and more entertainment venues.
This article will not be covering the benefits of joining, but rather how to join and get your foot in the door. I will also be giving a timeline about my experience to show how long it will take.

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