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Point: Promposals are worth it

Natalie Raabe

Everyone loves classic rom-coms, especially those focused on high school romance. They give us the opportunity to picture ourselves in the shoes of the characters. Obviously, we aren’t living in a movie, but there are certain things that can bring some of that show-stopping TV screen romance into our own lives. One of the most fun ways is through a promposal.

For people going on a date, asking the person you are going with in a big way is a super cute way to make them feel special. It’s such a fun way to surprise them and show them how much you care. The best part is that you can still participate in this even if you aren’t going with a date. Oftentimes, we know our friends even better than the person we are dating, so why not ask them instead? It’s such a sweet way to make memories with your friends and have fun without dates.

As we all know, prom is a very important coming-of-age experience for many high schoolers. Incorporating a promposal into the prom plan is a great way to add an extra layer to the memories. If you were to give your date a big ask, it would be a part of their high school experience that they would remember forever.

A promposal doesn’t have to be anything crazy either; it can just be something small that shows your date that you value their interests. The problem with so many promposals is that they can get so unoriginal, making them boring. They should definitely incorporate the likes and dislikes of the person they are going with; the promposals that DO take those things into consideration are always the cutest and most memorable.

My favorite part of the promposals are the signs. For homecoming and other school dances in the past, I have made signs to ask the people that I am going with. I think that this is such a unique opportunity, especially for artists to put their skills to use. Taking the trip to the store to buy the supplies, preparing the poster, and executing the plan bring so much excitement, and the adrenaline rush of asking the person tops off the whole experience.

Overall, promposals are a super fun experience to make new memories and show your date how much you care!

Counterpoint: Promposals can be a waste of time

Ruby Williamson and Gianna King

In the same way that wedding proposals can be overrated, prom proposals feel overrated, over-glamorized, and not as amazing as social media or hopeless romantics make them out to be. Being asked out with some cheesy poster with an overused line is not special or cute. It can come off as tacky, unoriginal, or even lazy.

Those with social anxiety, those who can’t stand crowds due to personal reasons, and even people who might be embarrassed could also hate a public display. Or they’ll be afraid of saying no in front of so many people. They could even be afraid that saying no makes them a jerk.

There’s also the fact that you might not even have the money for the ticket, an outfit, or the ability to go! (Even if the person you are asking enjoys being around groups of people, promposals can be stressful and anxiety-inducing, causing a feeling of guilt around not “saying the right thing.”)

Promposals can be cute, but they can also be terrifying. They can be sweet and special or inconsiderate and pressuring. So, are they worth it? Well, yes, they can be. But the fact of the matter is: ask. Don’t surprise them unless you know they will be okay with it. People sometimes just don’t like surprises at the end of the day. And they may not even have a crush on you! Don’t make things awkward.

Prom is meant to be a special event, not a special nightmare, so don’t make it. Make sure you are yourself with the way you’re asking; don’t follow the crowd. Don’t go extravagant and lose yourself, and don’t waste your money and time if you know the person won’t appreciate it as much as you do. (They may not even know what you’re doing or the level of it.)

Focus on being funny, maybe a little cute, getting your point across with a gift or something, and asking. This is about prom and having a fun time, not expectations. So let it be prom.

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My name is Natalie Raabe and I am a senior at Oswego High School. This is my second year as a member of the 42fifty team and I serve as a Managing Editor and the Features Section Leader. Additionally, I am a member of the BIONIC board, NHS, Best Buddies, SNHS, NEHS, Rho Kappa, and Mu Alpha Theta.


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