Ms. Jamie Bechina, an English teacher and girls track coach here at Oswego High School, has undoubtedly made a great impact on the Panther community from her work with English students to athletes.
Homecoming was “litty” at Oswego High School, according to some students. Some students would even say this is one of the best dances that there's been at the high school over the last couple of years,...
Hoorah, Oswego! As most students pack up their bags and head off to college, there are certain ones who are packing up everything they own and following their ambitions to protect our country. Among the most...
A lot of students at Oswego High School do not know how to apply to colleges correctly or need help when doing so. Knowing all the required materials you need for college will help the applying process move along quicker. Here are five of our best tips for applying to college and finding out which college best fits you.
OHS has many lunch ladies working in the sandwich line, pizza line, salad bar, and at the cash registers. I was able to interview two of these women: Mrs. Debra Martorelli and Mrs. Jackie Harvey.

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