I round the door of sophomore Xania Kimberly Ward’s classroom and see that she is alone, silent, on her phone. In fact, as I glance around while walking toward her, the whole classroom is silent and on their phones.
By Abigail Miller 42Fifty Staff Writer Senior Leaders at Oswego High School are finishing off their time with their freshman in Freshman Seminar classes. Each week, Senior Leaders do at least two activities with freshman in their Freshman Seminar. Senior Leaders...
With fall sports regular season coming to a close, Oswego High School sports reflected on numerous wins and losses throughout their year. When looking at the JV boys soccer season’s performance this year, you will be pleased to see their win in the Southwest Prairie Conference. Although they have been doing well in Conference in recent years, this season was still exciting and new to the team.
With close to 10,000,000 hard-of-hearing individuals and nearly 1,000,000 functionally deaf individuals in America alone, according to The Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP for short), learning the American Sign Language can be extremely beneficial. However, taking into consideration that ASL is recognized as a full, complete language, it can make learning on your own can be difficult. That's where Sign Club comes into play.
Hello 42Fifty viewers! As the Multimedia Editor, I’m happy to announce our new Fit Check series. In this video, we discuss favorite fashion trends, clothing brands, and share outfits of the day. Feel free to reach out...

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