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Ms. Sarah Hands is an English teacher here at Oswego High School. She’s a young teacher that understands students and their stresses. Ms. Hands has worked with a diverse group and knows the best way to help her students,...
Piggy’s is Oswego’s newest barbecue restaurant, owned by Liz and Matt Warren and located in the Washington Square Shopping Center, with menu choices from the everyday barbecue pulled pork to a more exotic option of grilled shrimp tacos.

Graphics on the Rise

Graphic Design, the rising industry that has many new jobs being created everyday and even more applications for it. “The field is exponentially growing. We live in a visual world and increasingly, visual information is outweighing the rest.” Daniel Whipple,...

Fishing in November

Fishing in November can be hard. The fish start to move back down deep, they aren’t as active, most baits don’t work, but there are still a few places where you can catch fish. One of the places is...
Billy Gatske had to grow up surrounded by “normal” people. He had to create his own normal.

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