Monday, November 28, 2022
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Editors: Ava Szekely, Natalie Raabe, Nola Quinn

The timeline of our very own school’s history is more complex and interesting than we think—so, let’s take it back a few years, pull out those blueprints, and investigate the beginnings of OHS.
There are six sign language interpreters at Oswego High School: five as full-time interpreters here, and one who works part-time at Traughber. One of these six interpreters is Stacey Borrego, a graduate of Waubonsee Community College.
“One of my students can make my day, and then I want to pay it forward and make someone else's day,” Ms. Hardy said. “It’s like a routine: find someone and make their day, and pass it on.”
I sat down with a few Oswego High School seniors and got their input on how they've dealt (or not) with senioritis in their final stretch of high school.
This past Saturday, Sept. 25, Oswego High School students celebrated at an outdoor homecoming after not being able to attend homecoming last year. Homecoming was held outdoors this year as an adaptation to COVID-19 guidelines. Since the dance was outside, the school was able to provide food trucks, along with the traditional DJ experience. With such a new location change, it is important to observe how homecoming went for students and what this means for future homecoming dances. 

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