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Charlie Recchia, Editor-in-Chief

Charlie Recchia, Editor-in-Chief
This is my first year working with 42Fifty, and I hope to make it a great one. I have strongly enjoyed writing ever since I was in elementary school. Throughout my school years, I would get so excited to write whenever I had the chance. I am now a junior in high school, and I have found a great outlet for my writing with 42Fifty. I really enjoy watching movies and playing music in my free time. I play the drums in a rock band, as well as take part in Oswego High School’s drama productions. With interests like these, I have the knowledge to be a strong Entertainment Co-Editor. I hope I can bring a lot to 42Fifty’s table during my first year.

‘El Camino’ is as great as it is inconsistent

On the bright side, "El Camino" holds some incredible acting performances, some even being the best I have seen all year. Aaron Paul and his reprisal of Jesse Pinkman is nothing short of incredible. Paul is able to dive into this character so deep that I cannot see a single glimpse of Paul's real-life personality or character. All I can see is Pinkman and Pinkman only.

‘The Venue’: Another excellent outlet of live music in Illinois

sign for The Venue

Oswego is not the most fabulous place for accessible live music for the masses. Especially since the closure of Firehouse Pizza downtown, and with it, its very quaint-but-fun open mic night. However, the live music lovers of Oswego shall not fear, as only 15 minutes away, Aurora has a venue—no, THE Venue—that has its doors open...

Point/Counterpoint(/Midpoint): Is ho-co a no-go?

Ryan, Brett, and Charlie superimposed over a dance floor

The homecoming dance is a high school staple that brings every student together with the power of partying, and the excitement of music! However, these three writer’s differing opinions on the dance are only tearing them apart.

Charlie’s Classic Album Corner No. 6: Blur’s ’13’

In 1999, Blur’s unconventional magnum opus, entitled “13,” was released to the masses. With “13,” Blur took a bold step into experimental rock, striving to move well beyond the pop sound that they were so attached to.

Summer movie recap

Text: Summer Movie Recap. Poster for Midsommar and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

From hilarious, disturbing, and downright beautiful to look at, these two movies defined the summer of 2019. I vividly remember my viewing experiences in the theater for both of these movies, as they were both these unique spectacles that stand out in a pile of blockbuster trash.

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