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Charlie Recchia, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Charlie Recchia, Arts & Entertainment Editor
This is my first year working with 42Fifty, and I hope to make it a great one. I have strongly enjoyed writing ever since I was in elementary school. Throughout my school years, I would get so excited to write whenever I had the chance. I am now a junior in high school, and I have found a great outlet for my writing with 42Fifty. I really enjoy watching movies and playing music in my free time. I play the drums in a rock band, as well as take part in Oswego High School’s drama productions. With interests like these, I have the knowledge to be a strong Entertainment Co-Editor. I hope I can bring a lot to 42Fifty’s table during my first year.

SATIRE: OHS students turn to communism

crudely drawn communist logo

“If everyone has the same amount of pencils, same classes, and the same textbooks, we shall all receive success in the future, with no man left behind,” Lake said. While these words went ignored by the 20 students on their phones or sleeping, 10 students found themselves inspired into a new way of thinking.

Charlie’s Classic Album Corner, No. 5: ‘Selected Ambient Works 85-92’ (Aphex Twin)

Charlie's Classic Album Corner logo

Although this record is impressive and way ahead of its time, it does contain a few weak moments and questionable production choices. Some songs drag on for way too long, and there seems to be no consistent flow throughout the record. Although these problems are few and far between, when they occur they always stick out like a sore thumb.

Charlie’s Classic Album Corner, No. 4: ‘Vs.’ (Pearl Jam)

“Vs.” never fails to put Pearl Jam’s brilliance high upon a pedestal for everyone to see, from start to end.

The Law Office: A shimmer of hope for live music

The Law Office building from the outside

On a street corner in a quaint area of Yorkville, Illinois, one of the coolest attractions in all of Illinois lies. The Law Office is a bar that seems normal on the outside, but deeper within rests a special history that is hard to find anywhere else.

Charlie’s Classic Album Corner, No. 3: ‘Summerteenth’ by Wilco

I’m not gonna lie, I have been listening to this album non-stop since I’ve been a Wilco fan (starting about when I was 3 years old ). Almost every track holds this cryptic meaning that makes me want to dig deeper into what it all adds up to.

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