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My name is Trinity Heard, I am a Senior at Oswego High School, and this is my second year writing for 42Fifty. I am very excited to continue working with the team and help other learn more about journalism. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, baking, and editing. I also am a part of the Student Council as President and work as a crew member at Culvers. I look forward to being involved in 42Fifty as a managing editor for this year.

Tech organizations visit OH for 2022 Industrial Tech Fair

Hello 42Fifty fans! On Friday, Oct. 28, Features Editor Natalie Raabe and Managing Editor Trinity Heard visited the Industrial Tech Fair. We interviewed three different people, including two organizations and one student. We hoped to give an insider perspective into the fair for those who didn’t go or may be interested in the tech field. Music Credits ♪ Marshmallow (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link:

Stacey Borrego brings new perspective to sign language interpreting at OHS

Stacey Borrego using her hands to sign for a student sitting in a chair in front of a computer lab

There are six sign language interpreters at Oswego High School: five as full-time interpreters here, and one who works part-time at Traughber. One of these six interpreters is Stacey Borrego, a graduate of Waubonsee Community College.

[[TRAD.]] OH lanza campaña de concientización sobre acoso sexual para abordar preocupaciones de encuesta

6 images of the safe-space rainbow decals organized into 6 separate collage squares.

Andrea Parker, subdirectora de Oswego High School, presentó la Campaña de Concientización sobre el Acoso Sexual para estudiantes durante las salas de estudio académico para compartir con los estudiantes los cambios en los procedimientos del acoso sexual de OHS. La campaña se creó en base a la necesidad de cambio evidente a partir de los resultados de la encuesta de la Junta Asesora Estudiantil del año pasado. La OHS manejará el acoso sexual de tres formas nuevas: estructura educativa, seguridad y apoyo en el edificio.

Michael Holmstrom: A freshman golfer who drove his way onto the varsity team

Image of Michael Holmstrom hitting out of the sand bunker at a golf course

Freshman Michael Holmstrom is a student-athlete swinging into his high school career with a great start: a spot on the varsity golf team and impressive scores to match. For the [Illinois Junior Golf Association]’s (IJGA) Mid-American Junior Golf Tour, Holmstrom participated in six events and nine rounds, finishing in the Top 10 twice, and Top 25 three times.

OH launches Sexual Harassment Awareness Campaign to address survey concerns

6 images of the safe-space rainbow decals organized into 6 separate collage squares.

Andrea Parker, Assistant Principal, presents the Sexual Harassment Awareness Campaign for Students during academic study halls to share with students the changes in OHS’ sexual harassment procedures. The campaign was created based on the need for change evident from the results of the Student Advisory Board survey last year. OHS will be handling sexual harassment in three new ways: education structure, safety, and support in the building.

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