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My name is Trinity Heard, I am a Senior at Oswego High School, and this is my second year writing for 42Fifty. I am very excited to continue working with the team and help other learn more about journalism. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, baking, and editing. I also am a part of the Student Council as President and work as a crew member at Culvers. I look forward to being involved in 42Fifty as a managing editor for this year.

A goodbye to those who always believed in me

Graduation cap sitting on grass next to a baby toy and child photo

So here I am, now signing out as managing editor in a JESUS costume for idol day (I totally didn’t have the confidence to dress up in this my freshman year). I write this to say thank you to 42Fifty and everyone who believed in me when I didn’t. Win us another award, will you?

[[SATIRE]] New student parking consequences include bear traps, explosives

galaxy background, with a bird's eye view of the OHS parking lot. Features and image of the warning stickers, an emoji of a lit car, an unlit car, and a thumbs up emoji.

The Oswego High School dean's office is filled with disappointment each day they see a student car parked in a spot nobody else uses. An empty parking lot filled with only staff cars is all they ask for. As of April 1, deans will be inducing the reconstructed consequences, including bear traps and explosives.

Teacher and author Michael Leali earns a Golden Kite 

An image of Mr. Leali holding "The Civil War of Amos Abernathy". He is standing in front of the Panther Writers wall across from the English Department.

Since publishing his first book, “The Civil War of Amos Abernathy,” Michael Leali has been busy winning a Golden Kite Award for Middle-Grade Fiction. The Golden Kite award gives out $2,500 to the author and $1,000 to their chosen nonprofit organization. Leali chose the Ali Forney Center, a center aiding homeless LGBTQ+ youth with resources to guide them to independence. 

5 Valentine’s Day-themed foods to indulge in this year

Silver plate with fork and knife, cartoon heart-shaped pizza, heart-shaped cake, and hear-shaped pink and red donuts.

Reserving a table at a fancy restaurant is always a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but with these foods and snacks, you can celebrate the whole month from the comfort of your home. 

7 things you need to buy for your room this Valentine’s Day

A Target shopping cart filled with a Valentine's Day pillow, pink and white candles, "XO" door hanger, and other decor.

This Valentine’s Day, you may be asking yourself, “What else do I need to buy? I’ve already bought things for my partner and for myself.” Well, dear reader, there’s still something you probably haven’t put enough love into: your room. The humble abode at which you lay your head could have twice the good feels if you bought a little bit of love-themed decor.