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This Valentine’s Day, you may be asking yourself, “What else do I need to buy? I’ve already bought things for my partner and for myself.” Well, dear reader, there’s still something you probably haven’t put enough love into: your room. The humble abode at which you lay your head could feel twice as good if you bought a little bit of love-themed decor. 

1. Blankets

Who doesn’t need more blankets? Some start off at just $5, it’s a deal you can’t pass. These can be used as a throw just to make your bed look more festive without changing its theme.

A plush heart blanket

A full heart throw blanket in different designs  

2. Throw pillows

Instead of changing your comforter and everyday decor, you can buy a few of these throw pillows to add a festive Valentine’s Day touch to your room. 

Checkerboard heart pillow 

Oversized furry heart pillow 

XO-shaped pillow set 

3. Hanging decorations

These garlands can be hung around mirrors, windows, or even your closet if you wish. You don’t need a Valentine to add these to your cart, but they could definitely be used to surprise someone on that special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day banner 

Felt polka-dotted heart garland

Xo Valentine’s Day garland  

4. Door decorations

As high school students, you may not be allowed to decorate your front door, and probably don’t care to. With these wreaths, you can decorate the door to your own room instead. 

Red/white/pink polyester ball wreath 

Pink/red/white felt heart wreath 

5. Candles 

Consumerism really knew what it was doing here. Instead of regular candles, here are a few Valentine’s-Day themed ones that can be used as decor and good smells. Personally, I just gotta know what “Joy and Laughter” smell like. 

Love is love sugared watermelon Valentine’s Day candle 

Heart-shaped red rose-scented candle 

Red LED candles 

You and Me almond shortbread Valentine’s Day candle 

‘Joy and Laughter’ Cranberry Dahlia Chesapeake Bay candle 

6. Night lights

Are you still afraid of the dark? Whether you are or not, these mature night lights add a warm ambiance to your room. Some also double as fragrance plugs.

Pink heart nightlight 

Rainbow heart nightlight 

Neon heart nightlight 

Love letter nightlight 

7. Desk decors

If you’re looking to add more clutter to your desk, check out these Valentine’s Day-themed decorations you can easily pack away when the month is over.

Corn husk raffia heart filler decor 

‘You’re my type’ typewriter decor 

‘love’ wooden tabletop decor 

pink/red/white pom decor 

Whether you have a Valentine’s this year, plans with friends, or no plans at all, put a few extra bucks into your room so you have a warm ambiance to come home to.

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