This is the first review of an ongoing feature series where we will delve deep into local Oswego food shops and restaurants.

Housed in a former used car dealership, My Sister’s Lil Donut Shoppe is now a sensation in downtown Oswego.  This is due to its owner, Chris McClimans, and her dedication to opening a local shop to serve the people of Oswego with pastry goodness.

Customers are first greeted with a colorful design, creating a sense of wonder and excitement. The phone number and the open and closing times are provided as well.

The donuts are served with a certain freshness that you can’t find anywhere else.  These donuts were made with purpose and gentle care. Of the donuts we tried, the cake donut and maple frosting long john stood out. Both were fresh and warm, creating the perfect comfort food. The amazing taste also provided a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

McClimans’ attention to detail gives this establishment a special little flare. She creates special donuts and items for holidays, as well as crafting a donut of the month.

Another chemical is added to this formula of sweetness. Coffee grounds are also served for the early morning customers looking for a boost.

“Now, based on the holidays, we might do a apple cider donut or a pumpkin donut. Then, at Christmas time, we’ll do a peppermint-filled donut,” McClimans said. “Just different stuff like that to try to keep it interesting.”

My Sister’s Lil Donut Shoppe has a wide variety of certain donuts and pastries.There are many other options for a snack, even though donuts remain the main source of attention.

Although donuts take the spotlight, these cakes serve as a fresh sideshow. They are packaged and ready to be served to the hungry customers.

“We do some coffee cakes, danish coffee cakes, a carrot cake and some cookies,” McClimans said. “But very small amounts…people just seem to like the donuts.”

At the end of the day, this shop is the creation of a strong passion. When asked why she chose donuts as the focus of her shop, McClimans did not have a full explanation. She just likes donuts!

“I’ve always liked donuts,” McClimans said. “You know, maybe if I liked hamburgers, I’d open a hamburger place!”

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