As Oswego High School’s band and choir students prepare for their annual Crystals concert, Kevin Schoenbach, one of the band’s co-directors, is working hard to prepare the bands for their upcoming projects. Mr. Schoenbach has been a band teacher at OHS for 21 years and began his teaching career at Northern Illinois University as a performative music major.
There are six sign language interpreters at Oswego High School: five as full-time interpreters here, and one who works part-time at Traughber. One of these six interpreters is Stacey Borrego, a graduate of Waubonsee Community College.
High School teachers around the world have had to learn to deal with their home and school life separately. However, when the line between home and school life blurs, how do teachers balance both worlds? 
When walking into room 235, you can find a colorful room filled with books and an eager teacher ready to chat. Michael Leali is an alumnus and teacher of Oswego High School, who is close to publishing his first book, “The Civil War of Amos Abernathy.”
ney can make a world of difference. Ms. Tania Sharp and Ms. Andrea Parker both hold leadership positions of the assistant principal of curriculum and instruction and the assistant principal of student services, respectively; they exemplified how despite disadvantageous circumstances, women and young girls everywhere can prevail and succeed.