This year, I decided to take a moment and focus on other young Hispanas like myself who attend Oswego High School. It's about time that we put the spotlight on the generations of our hardworking Hispanas and listen to what they have to say. By doing this, we can make it up to our abuelitas that lacked the opportunity to make their voices heard, paving the way for generations yet to come. 
Trinity Heard, 42Fifty’s multimedia editor, interviews Oswego students at their first outdoor homecoming. This is the second episode of the fit check series, this video being the homecoming edition! She interviews about where outfits are from, if anyone is matching with a date, and asks many more homecoming-related questions.
This week marks the beginning of Bullying Prevention Month, initiated by the Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights (PACER) Center, where awareness is brought to the issue of bullying, so that everyone learns how big of a problem it is and how to prevent it.
This past Saturday, Sept. 25, Oswego High School students celebrated at an outdoor homecoming after not being able to attend homecoming last year. Homecoming was held outdoors this year as an adaptation to COVID-19 guidelines. Since the dance was outside, the school was able to provide food trucks, along with the traditional DJ experience. With such a new location change, it is important to observe how homecoming went for students and what this means for future homecoming dances. 
Hello 42Fifty viewers! As the Multimedia Editor, I’m happy to announce our new Fit Check series. In this video, we discuss favorite fashion trends, clothing brands, and share outfits of the day. Feel free to reach out...

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