Mrs. Molly Shulte is a teacher at Oswego High School that has been teaching at the high school for 12 years.
With graduation restructured and prom canceled at OHS, the class of 2020 won’t be given the same experience as previous graduates. This is an unfair phenomenon, to say the least, as some students have waited so long for these moments in their lives that unfortunately might become wasted dreams.
Social distancing carries a wide range of meanings. Everyone has experienced something different: from the bored teenager to the unmotivated student to the dedicated teacher. Senior Ryan Kazda captured all of these feelings and crafted a uniting song aptly titled “Social Distancing.”
Jermolowicz, a senior, began making her own scrunchies, a popular ‘90s ponytail holder that regained popularity in the 2010s, in July 2019. Since then, it has grown into a small business: Becky’s Scrunchies.
The show revolves around two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, trying to find the demon that killed their mother in a world infested with monsters of every kind. As the seasons go on, the characters developed more; bigger threats come out of the depths, and the brothers have to save the world from total catastrophe quite a few times.

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