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Confused about what's happening between the U.S. and Iran? 42Fifty sat down with Mr. Aaron Henricks, social studies teacher, to find the answers to some common questions.
Siendo Estados Unidos un país de oportunidades y privilegios podemos encontrar estudiantes extranjeros en busca de una mejor vida o educación. Existen muchas escuelas públicas que ofrecen el programa ESL el cual ayuda a estudiantes recién llegados al país a aprender el idioma inglés. Oswego High School es una de esas escuelas en las que se ofrece el programa y cuenta como un lugar unido y familiar ya que la mayoría de los estudiantes tienen cosas en común como sus orígenes, identidad, y experiencias.
Many factors go into being a great student, like great determination and perseverance. More so, it takes a strong mindset to become a leader. Atharva Iyer has both.
Sports at Oswego High School are a big part of the culture of the school. A majority of students are involved in the sports program one way or another. Teachers become coaches and students become players, but that is not the only way to get involved in the coveted sports programs.
This and their passion for fashion led them to create their very own clothing line, called “I’m Scared.” Orozco and Rosales explained that they decided to call it that in order to express that people don’t need to be scared of their fears anymore.

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