Last Friday, the Oswego Panthers dominated the field in a high-intensity game against the Oswego East Wolves, winning with a final score of 38-14.
The football team is winning games that it didn’t play. With COVID-19 becoming prominent again, teams are being forced to forfeit games because of COVID outbreaks and mandatory exclusion guidelines put in place by the Illinois High School Sports Association. 
The Oswego Panthers (1-2) sealed a victory over the Minooka Indians (2-2) this past Friday in a high-intensity game under the lights. The stakes were even higher, because this was the first homecoming game that Oswego High School had participated in in two years—in 2019, the game was rained out, and in 2020, the game was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
When one first sees Boston College commit senior offensive tackle Otto Hess, one immediately notices his size.
Illinois is the only midwest state that is not playing football. Michigan and Minnesota recently overturned their original decisions to not play football in the fall. Indiana and Iowa have been playing football without any change of schedule since their summer contact days. “Let us play” protests were scheduled for Saturday prior to the governor’s announcement.

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