Oswego took on Oswego East in a highly anticipated crosstown football game. The community gathered at Ken Pick Stadium and watched Oswego take the win on Friday night, with a final score of 16-0.
On Jan. 28, the Oswego cheer team made history by winning the sectional title and qualifying to go to state. This competition took place at O’Fallon High School where 11 teams competed. OHS earned the highest score in the Oswego program history with 92.25 points. 
Editor’s Note: Miranda Cook and Jaylene Garcia are a part of the Oswego Cheer team and are editors on staff but were not involved in this story's writing, reporting, or editing. Over the past two years, Oswego High School cheer...
As their season comes to a close, I took the time to sit down with senior Alex Steinbrecher about her final season cheering for the Panthers.