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Seniors Hayden Castle and Austin Swanson had huge games for Oswego (11-6) during its match up against Oswego East (9-12) on April 23 in 25-19, 27-25 victories.
Golf is a funny sport. Usually in a tournament of this magnitude, a few things happen to help the eventual victor win: tragedy and crucial mistakes by one or more players, great golf by the winner, and a bit of luck from outside forces. All three were in effect on Sunday in Augusta.
On Friday, April 5, the Panthers took on the soon-to-be Southwest Prairie Conference Yorkville Foxes and faced a tough 1-0 loss in the 11th inning. Despite this defeat, the team’s pitchers had wonderful outings.
Sports are emotional. Whether it’s the thrill and exhilaration felt in victory, or the disappointment felt in defeat, the range of feelings is wide. This past Sunday, April 7, the emotions were for a totally different reason,...
For years now, there has been speculation on whether the NCAA will finally budge on granting collegiate athletes the right to receive paychecks. The NCAA accumulates millions of dollars every year, and athletes do not have the legal right to cash a single paycheck for their hard work.

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