Oswego High school students filled the stands of Ken Pickerill Stadium on Friday, Sept. 15, for the varsity football game. Oswego High School’s student section, Orange Crew, decided on whiteout for the designated theme, and students dressed up to show their school spirit and cheer on the team to a victory. 

Scroll down to see some of the standout outfits from the student section. 

Junior Megan Griest poses in front of the band at Ken Pickerill stadium, holding up a peace sign.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

A junior, Megan Griest, dresses in a white top from Kohl’s, Old Navy leggings, and white Converse. To spice up her outfit, she also added a white cowboy hat from Amazon with feathers on the edge to make her stand out. 

Sophomores Alyssa Torres (left) and Lindsay Arand (right) pose in front of the concession stands.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

Sophomores Alyssa Torres (left) and Lindsay Arand (right), are decked out in white. Alyssa borrowed her mom’s white jacket with a white tank top underneath, and to keep the theme going, she paired it with her white Converse. Lindsay wore a white athletic skirt that she borrowed from a friend, a white bandana from Hobby Lobby, and a white cropped tee from Target. To continue the white theme, they used body paint to decorate their legs and faces. 

Juniors Hannah Potter (left), Raniah Aljumaili (center), and Savannah Cruz (right), all pose together in front of the concession stands in Ken Pickerill stadium.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

OHS junior Hannah Potter (left) displays her white sneakers from what she said is from her “seventh grade sneaker-head phase,” white Soffe shorts from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and a white tank top. To pull the entire outfit together, she shows off her chicken hat from Party City which allows other students to get a real sense of her personality. Junior, Raniah Aljumaili (middle), wears a white Oswego shirt she previously had, Walmart shorts, and white Vans. Another junior at OHS, Savannah Cruz (right), shows off her white Crocs. Her shirt, shoes, and sunglasses are all from Amazon. To jazz up her outfit, she incorporated a sparkly feather boa from Party City, and added bubble braids with white rubber bands into her hair. 

Senior Katelyn Watson poses in the stands of Ken Pickerill stadium.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

Senior Katelyn Watson shows her school spirit with her simple but classic whiteout fit. She’s wearing a Forever 21 bodysuit, a white athletic skirt, and a white boa from Party City. 

Junior Nick Tickle poses with a smile and his thumbs up in the student section of the bleachers.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

Junior Nick Tickle represents the Oswego Baseball team with his white long sleeve and his fun sunglasses. He wears Nike socks and white shorts from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and includes white paint to his face to add a more rowdy look. 

Juniorsw Wheeler Saka (left) and Kenny White (right) pose together in the stands of Ken Pickerill stadium.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

Wheeler Saka and Kenny White, both juniors, do not disappoint with their outfits for the football game. Wheeler (left) wears shorts from Burlington, socks from Target, and another white shirt to represent Oswego Baseball. He does not remember where he got his blazers, but he borrowed his enjoyable white hat from a family member. Kenny (right), got his snazzy shoes from GOAT, his white shorts from H&M, and his Brittney Spears shirt from Target. To incorporate character, he pairs his outfit with a white hat and bandana, both from Hobby Lobby. 

Junior Ashley Jezewski poses in the stands of Ken Pickerill stadium.
Credit:Natalie Raabe

Junior Ashley Jezewsk wears shorts from American Eagle, a white top from Amazon (with some DIY cropping), and a feather boa from Hobby Lobby. She added painted handprints and glitter which adds a touch to the white outfit.

Football games and their subsequent themes are a great opportunity for students to show their school spirit and become active members of our school community. The football themes developed by Orange Crew encourage students to express themselves while having fun at the same time.

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