Football season is finally back in session! With Friday football being a big event for most Oswego High school students, themes are considered a big deal. Due to this, after the student section themes were released this year, the ideas received disappointing feedback. 

Here are this year’s themes and dates for the football games: 

Home vs. Neuqua Valley, Aug. 26: Neon Out 

Away vs. Andrew, Sept. 2: Beach Party 

Away vs. Joliet Central,  Sept. 8: Orange Out

Home vs. Romeoville, Sept. 15: White Out 

Away vs. Minooka, Sept. 23: Black Out 

Away vs. Plainfield North, Sept. 30: USA 

Home vs. West Aurora, Oct. 7: Country V. Country Club 

Away vs. Oswego East, Oct. 14: CrossTown

Home vs. Yorkville, Oct. 21: Pink Out 

After viewing the new themes, are you seeing our dilemma? I do not see creativity and fun at all. Also, this is an updated version, and Orange Crew got rid of the two best ideas: Greek Gods and Class Color. The colors are great, but we could get more creative and add more personality to the approach, like with Greek Gods.

Listed below are our top 9 themes that could (and should) be used next year:

Greek gods.

I was sad to see this theme go from this year, but this is my petition to bring it back. There are five Greek goddesses and seven Greek gods (Olympians) to choose from, not including the Pantheon gods. Get creative! It is free reign. 

Barbeque Dads V. Soccer Moms  

If we are not mistaken, which we may be so do not quote us, this was going to be a theme used for homecoming spirit week. Genuine question, why was it taken out? We are doing country club v. country twice, instead of something like this. If you get into groups of three, maybe someone can pretend to be the kid…

Decades Day.

The ’50s (freshmen), the ’60s (sophomores), the ‘70s (juniors), and the ‘80s (seniors)- Doing the different grade level themes like class color adds a unique contrast in the student section. The ‘50s dress like greasers, jocks, and preps; the ‘60s wear very formal pleated attire; the ‘70s would be hippies and include fun patterns; the ‘80s would incorporate electric and neon colors with big hair. 


Why not have Christmas come early next year? I expect to see Santa suits, ugly sweaters, and lots and lots of red and green. Blasting Xmas music during halftime to boost the panther spirit is a given.

Gone fishing.

You know the cringe-worthy fishing outfits and the thumbs-up smiling pictures while holding a bass on a rod. Yeah, that. It’s just funny. Bust out the bass pro or bucket hats. And don’t forget the rain boots and cargo shorts. (A fishing rod would add a nice touch).

Senior Citizen. 

You know the drill. Students did this last year for a spirit week; it was GREAT. The ugly cardigans, knit vests, bald caps, gray hair, and canes were so funny.

Space Out. 

Aliens, astronauts, space buns, etc. Pinterest, people. Pinterest.


We are not about to name all the superheroes for you. You get it. But we will explain why it is a good idea! Mostly everyone loves superheroes, and even people who do not can have fun dressing up in a costume. There are so many to choose from, including different variations for each. 

Class Colors/School Colors. 

Colors are the most traditional and generally used theme. But school colors help boost morale and show support and pride to OHS. It is the one consistent theme reused each year that has never had a complaint. 

These might not be able to be used this year, but maybe next year. We and others have only wanted to see more creativity and uniqueness in the school themes to make the football games even more fun, but we all appreciate the effort the Orange Crew puts into the school events and how they keep the school spirit going.

Provided below is a Pinterest board bringing our ideas to life!
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