Last year, 42Fifty published an article with creative football themes. Although the themes have not changed much from year to year,  we’d like to suggest alternative themes to engage more students in participating. 

“The themes have always been left up to the kids,” Mr. Kevin Wilson, leader of Orange Crew, said. “They’ll take into account what the general population wants, but it becomes difficult to please everybody.”

Based on a poll posted on 42Fifty’s Instagram, many are in agreement. The Instagram poll was taken by 40 OHS students and concluded that more than half of students are not satisfied with this year’s football themes.

This Year’s Football Themes:

Away vs. Neuqua Valley,  Aug. 25: Neon Night

Home vs. Andrew, Sept. 1: Beach Luau

Home vs. Plainfield Central, Sept. 8: Black Out

Away vs. Joliet Central, Sept. 15: White Out

Away vs. Plainfield North, Sept. 22: Country vs. Country Club

Home vs. West Aurora, Sept. 29: USA

Home vs. Yorkville, Oct. 6: Pink Out

Away vs. Minooka, Oct. 13: Camo

Home vs. Oswego East, Oct. 20: Unreleased 

Theme Suggestions:

Teen Beach 

Bikers vs. Surfers you don’t just have to be a surfer or wear a Hawaiian shirt like Beach Luau, you can be a biker and add more diversity to the theme. You can get creative and wear your best surfing/ beachy outfit or some leather jackets and overly gelled hair! 


Rep your favorite jersey, sports team, or player. Every football theme is meant to boost morale, but this elevates the environment! Feel free to show school morale with eye black and big signs to cheer on our football team! 

Jungle Safari

Dress as your favorite jungle animal with a cute onesie or safari tourist. I know I (Raelyn) have a mean giraffe onesie I’d be repping. 

Farmers vs Business 

Bring your plastic pitchforks and briefcases filled with excessive school work, because Farmers vs. Business will be a far more entertaining battle than previous matchups like Country vs. Country Club.


We all know the color pink and the movie Barbie is popular, so why not elevate Pink Out? Get decked out in pink Barbie gear, and you will sure be kenough. 


Hero, villain, anti-hero; all are welcome. Silly string and color pouches are suggested for effect, and weapons or lack of clothing are ill-advised. 

Rock and Roll 

You know the drill: a simple band tee or an all-out mohawk will do the trick. Instead of smashing real guitars, opt for an inflatable one. 

Halloween Costumes 

Crosstown Halloween Costumes, yes. This way it’ll be tough for Oswego East to completely copy our themes!


Dress up as your favorite farm animal or cow wrangler. No judgment if you want to be an animal instead of a human; change is good. 

Paint Out

Every game, we see painted faces and colored chalk flying through the air. So, why not make it the whole premise? Splatter paint clothes and artsy accessories would add the perfect touch to this existing trend.  

We both agree it is not an easy task to please 3,000 students and staff. However, our only ask is to branch out into creativity. Ideas from Pinterest boards can help bring suggested themes to life.

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My name is Raelyn Alvarez, and I am a Senior at OHS. This is my third year doing Digital Journalism, and I am beyond grateful to have been voted Editor-In-Chief for my last year.

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Hi, I am Mary! This is my 2nd year on 42fifty and 2nd year as Social Media Editor, I am a Senior at OHS, and I am involved with Travel Softball and Softball at the High School. I am also involved with the French Honor Society Quill and Scroll Honor Society.


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