After District 308’s switch from Tyler to PowerSchool as a student information system for attendance and grades, parents and students have been reporting seemingly unending struggle with the service.

Although many issues have been resolved, students have reported being unable to log in, parents have voiced missing information necessary to create an account, and some accounts have been deleted.

The PowerSchool help desk has helped to facilitate these resolutions, but students indicate remaining  issues yet to be resolved. These problems are being solved in waves, with more priority on common issues, and rare or specific issues still being worked on. 

In an attempt to resolve their issues, PowerSchool users are to call help centers from both the school and PowerSchool, sometimes being rerouted to another help resource that may not answer their question. Others even open support tickets that are closed with little to no explanation.

The main reason there are problems remaining for users is that there is no centralized help resource  containing all of the possible solutions and help centers. 

“For anyone with PowerSchool issues, it is recommended you call the help desk or put in a help ticket,” says OHS Technology Specialist Robert Shaw. According to Shaw, there is only so much that our school’s tech department can do, because several of the issues can only be solved by the PowerSchool team.

Shaw provided various other resources that users can go to if they still have any issues with PowerSchool:

For Parents:

  • Parents still having trouble logging into PowerSchool or accessing student information can fill out this form.
  • Parents can also submit a help ticket through this link, which should provide a quick response.
  • For further issues, parents can call 630-636-4357 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

For Students:

  • Students can go to the tech hub in the LRC for any issues or questions regarding PowerSchool.

For Staff

  • Staff can call the help desk at 630-636-4357 between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.
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  1. Thanks, Austin. I need to call that Parent help number! I log in many times a day as a teacher, but my parent login has not been working. I hope my son is keeping up with his classwork since I cannot check! 🙂

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