After a long and exciting postseason, the final two teams are ready to square off and claim the Lombardi Trophy. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will play to decide the champion of the 56th Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 13. With so many games coming down to the last second and going into overtime, the winner of this year’s Super Bowl is unpredictable. That is why our team will try to predict the winner of Super Bowl 2022. Here are our funny thoughts:

Tori Trevino, Editor-in-Chief: 

Listen, I loved being invited to Super Bowl parties just as much as the next girl, but I don’t think anyone takes the outfits as seriously as I do. When it comes to the Super Bowl this year, a big choice for who I was going to root for was dependent on their team colors, so that I’d have a cute matching outfit. The Bengals, whatever city they’re from, have one of the worst color combinations I’ve ever seen. Orange and black? We’ve seen it, we hate it. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Rams have blue and yellow, which are literally complementary colors. So gorgeous, and I can finally put some blue converse to use.

Miranda Mahoney, Managing Editor:

I believe the Rams will win the Super Bowl match against the Cincinnati Bengals because the Rams have 12 wins and 5 losses, while the Bengals have 10 wins and 7 losses. It would be great to have an underdog victory, but I still think the Rams will come out on top.

Jake Dickerson, Sports Editor:

I’m picking the Rams to win because of their explosive offense and their ability to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks consistently. Matthew Stafford at quarterback, Cooper Kupp who is arguably the best wide receiver this season, as well as dual threat running backs Cam Akers and Sony Michel, the Rams offense is nearly unstoppable. And with an equally great defense starring Aaron Donald, Von Miller, and Jalen Ramsey, the Rams are a sure pick to win.

Kira Farooqui, Sports Editor: 

OMG Kendrick Lamar!!

Brady Monahan, Sports Editor: 

I’m choosing the Rams to win due to their dominant offense with Matthew Stafford, the Rams’ quarterback, and Cooper Kupp who had an MVP-caliber season. Their strong defensive-line will also overpower the Bengals’s line of scrimmage, making it clear that the Rams will be the Super Bowl champions.

Rae Alvarez, News Editor: 

I believe the Rams will win. Although I would prefer the Bengals to win due to the beauty of Joe Burrow. And of course his obvious talent show as a quarterback in only his second season. But, Matthew Stafford is arguably the most underrated quarterback in the NFL. He has proven his talent, experience, and does deserve the Superbowl title after everything he has been through. They also have Cooper Kupp just being Cooper Kupp. It doesn’t matter though because I cannot cheer for the Rams due to them ending my Niners and Jimmy G’s season for good. This rivalry will never be forgotten; we forever own The Bay.

Abraham Gallegos, News Editor:

When I first heard of the teams who will be playing in the Super Bowl, my immediate reaction was, “is that a real team?” I am not a football fan, and even now, I don’t even know where those teams are from or if they are still real teams. I think the Rams will win because they have a cool name, and also I’m pretty sure Tom Brady left the NFL, so that might help their chances.

Ana Iracheta, News and Social Media Editor: 

I would like the Rams to win because I have never even heard of the Bengals. If I’m being completely honest, I had to look up where Cincinnati is, so why would I root for the Bengals? Not that I love Los Angeles either, but like, who wants to root for a team from Ohio? I have to work at Buffalo Wild Wings during the Super Bowl anyways, so I don’t care who wins, as long as I get my tips.

Rae Barry, Features Editor: 

As an Aries, I feel it is my due diligence to support the Rams. My tarot cards are backing me up on this decision.

Trinity Heard, Multimedia and Features Editor: 

To be honest, I don’t understand football completely, and I only watch it when I occasionally look up from my delicious game-day plate. Based on my five minutes of research on this, I’m going to root for the Rams. They won in 2018, so I suppose they have a better shot than the Bengals this year.

Delaney Holman, Opinions Editor: 

I’m going to be honest: the most football I watch is the very few seconds I look up from the student section during the varsity high school games. My boyfriend talks about football a lot, but it either goes over my head completely, or I’m tuned out, but sometimes I catch bits and pieces of what he says. I remember him saying something about the Bengals having some good players. Therefore, my prediction is the Bengals will win. Go Bengals, I guess…but the real fight will be between Cassie and Maddy Sunday night, so I will be tuning into “Euphoria” instead.

Sammie Wolcott, Opinions Editor:

The best team is going to win; idk.

Alexa Johnson, Entertainment Editor: 

Bengals. I only picked this because it sounds like bagels, and I’m being forced to write a prediction. Yayyyy!

Austin Lamb, Entertainment Editor: 

I’m going with the Rams on this one, as their record is simply better, and although many of their recent wins have been very close games, I think they have a great advantage with Mathew Stafford’s recent performances.

Ava Szekely, Visual Editor:  

Heads: L.A. Rams.  Tails: Cincinnati Bengals.  *flips coin*  Go, Bengals.

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