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Hello, my name is Brady Monahan, and I am a junior at Oswego High School. This is my first year of being part of the 42Fifty staff and I am already enjoying it. I play two sports at the high school level, those being golf and baseball; therefore most of my pieces will most likely be found in the sports section. Other than sports, I love being outdoors and spending time with family and friends!

Nicki Ogilvie: The newest panther in the pros

The hallway that displays at the Panthers in the Pros

Now that students are back in the building, scrambling to make it to class, they may have missed the newest inductee to the “Panthers in the Pros Wall”: Nicki Ogilvie, who graduated from Oswego High School in 2007 and later became a trainer for the Boston Red Sox. She was well known by many teachers and staff members and left an everlasting impact on the school. She shows how hard work and determination can lead to great success. She unfortunately did not respond to a request for an interview, but Darren Howard and Brian Cronin had plenty of praise for the new addition.

OHS boys varsity basketball team excited for upcoming 2021-2022 Season

After a season shortened by the COVID-19 pandemic, the boys varsity basketball team is ready to show up on the court. The coaches and players are excited to see a full schedule for some of the players’ first full varsity season.

MLB Postseason: Who has lived up to the expectations and who has the best chance going forward?

World Series trophy

This Postseason was what fans wanted after a year of limited fan amounts due to COVID-19. However, what they may not have wanted was their favorite team to leave the playoffs so early. With that in mind, and the MLB Postseason coming to a close, the three of us, Kira Farooqui, Jake Dickerson, and Brady Monahan, take a look back and review who met expectations and who surprisingly fell.

Emergency online learning day due to bus driver shortage poses larger problems

students line up to board the busses after school

The school district has been experiencing a domino effect of problems since the outbreak of COVID-19. The most recent domino to fall is the shortage of bus drivers. As a matter of fact, Oswego High School had to host school online due to the lack of bus drivers on Sept. 21. The immediate change to online led to more problems within the school for teachers having to figure out how their day was going to go. 

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