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Tensions rise at OH as image is circulated on social media, proven not credible by OPD

Crowd of student line up in attendance office of OHS after threat was over
Credit: Jessica VanVooren

On Dec. 6 at 11:05 am, School District 308 Superintendent John W. Sparlin sent out an email regarding the rumors of an image promoting school violence that had circulated around social media. This image has been confirmed by the Oswego Police Department to be an old image that is not credible or connected to any current events that have taken place at Oswego High School. 

“There are no written threats on desks or walls in the school, and no credible threats directed to OHS at this time.  Extra police are present at the school just to reassure everyone.” Dr. Sparlin stated in the email. 

The administration did not make clear what the social media threat was in an earlier email sent at 10:03 am, but they insisted on students to report any activity as soon as possible. However, they asked that students do not resort to social media to spread information that has not been proven true or is harmful. In doing this will allow for the administration to work efficiently with the police to review reports and find the facts.

As the information spread throughout the students, worries rose and students began to feel startled and wanted to head home. Many students did end up leaving the school, with concerns from their parents and/or for their own safety.

In order to prevent confusion or concern in the future, Dr. Sparlin urges students to “Please continue to report anything you see or hear that is concerning to police or school officials.” as stated in the email sent out this morning at 11:05. 

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