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Built different? Men try guessing feminine products

As a way to spread awareness of women’s history month, 42Fifty interviewed men on how well they understood feminine products. We quizzed men on their best understanding of certain products like; eyelash curlers, loofahs, beauty blenders, and more. 

Watch the video to see the effort going into guessing common feminine products. 

Filmed by Riley Bober

Produced by Katie Smith and Riley O’Brien

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Hi! My name is Riley and it is my first year writing for 42fifty! I am extremely excited for this experience and I cannot wait to share stories. I am involved in news editing but focusing more on sport videos and articles for the website.

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I am a junior at OHS. This is my first year on staff as a news reporter and editor. I am interested in the gym and video games.

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I'm a senior at OHS and I'm a first-year staff reporter/video editor.



  1. Oh my gosh – this was so much fun! Nice editing and Riley – your laughing and facial expressions really made the video!

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