Kevin Schoenbach and Stephanie San Roman, the Band Directors at OHS, have put countless hours into the success of the band. Not only are the directors challenged to make the show look its best, but the students are challenged with physically demanding exercises and rehearsals. For four weeks in June and August, the marching band students are required to attend a skill-building band camp where they work on the basics of marching and technique while practicing their show. During the school year, the objective of practices is to work on perfecting the show and fine-tuning the movements.

Marching band is truly an individual sport. Every person that makes up a marching band has a specific path and destination on the field. Only when everything is done correctly will the show operate and come together correctly.

Not only does a show need a theme, but it needs a name. P.U.S.H- “Persist Until Something Happens”- reflects the band’s perseverance and endurance when faced with a challenge.

“It is about facing challenges during your life, then working through them,” says Ashley Phelps, one of the three drum majors this year.

During a performance, it is the drum major’s job to mark time and direct the band as a whole. Accompanying Phelps, Joshua Tiffany and Lily Blodgett work hard to keep the band together.

On Sept. 24 at the Northern Illinois University Red and Black Marching Competition, the Panther marching band placed 1st Overall, 1st in General Effect, and 1st in their Class.

Even though the Panther marching band’s season has come to end for 2022, the hard work and persistence will continue next year.

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