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I'm a senior at OHS and I'm a first-year staff reporter/video editor.

Built different? Men try guessing feminine products

As a way to spread awareness of women's history month, 42Fifty interviewed men on how well they understood feminine products. We quizzed men on their best understanding of certain products like; eyelash curlers, loofahs, beauty blenders, and more. 

OH starts Valentine’s Day off on the right foot with flash mob

To kick off Valentine's Day, Oswego High School students and teachers participated in the “Cupid Shuffle” at the start of their school day. The school's main hallway near the gym was packed with students and teachers participating in the dance. Karen Ferguson, OHS freshman English and AVID teacher, created the idea of doing the dance on Valentine’s Day and...

VIDEO: OH celebrates Chicagoland 4×5 Art Exhibition 20th anniversary

Oswego High School celebrated the Chicagoland 4x5 Art Exhibition’s 20th anniversary by showcasing artwork submitted by students from SD308 and other Illinois school districts. Hosted by OHS and organized by Mr. Michael Jon Skura, the exhibition has students creating artwork that is no bigger and no smaller than 4x5 inches, challenging students to push themselves to make use of their space as best they can. These artworks can consist of anything from photography, digital media, painting, drawing, 3D, etc. Artwork was displayed from Nov. 9 through Nov. 15 in the main hallway and featured artwork from a variety of middle and high school student artists.

Panther Marching Band pushes their way to the top.

Oswego High School Marching band's trombone section yelling and being energetic.

Kevin Schoenbach and Stephanie San Roman, the Band Directors at OHS, have put countless hours into the success of the band. Not only are the directors challenged to make the show look its best, but the students are challenged with physically demanding exercises and rehearsals.

OH teachers talk about the struggles of being pregnant while working

A person holding a cut-out of a heart over their pregnant stomach.

High School teachers around the world have had to learn to deal with their home and school life separately. However, when the line between home and school life blurs, how do teachers balance both worlds?