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VIDEO: OH celebrates Chicagoland 4×5 Art Exhibition 20th anniversary

Oswego High School celebrated the Chicagoland 4×5 Art Exhibition’s 20th anniversary by showcasing artwork submitted by students from SD308 and other Illinois school districts. Hosted by OHS and organized by Mr. Michael Jon Skura, the exhibition has students creating artwork that is no bigger and no smaller than 4×5 inches, challenging students to push themselves to make use of their space as best they can. These artworks can consist of anything from photography, digital media, painting, drawing, 3D, etc. Artwork was displayed from Nov. 9 through Nov. 15 in the main hallway and featured artwork from a variety of middle and high school student artists.

Reporting by Riley Bober, News Editor

Videography by Riley O’Brien and Katie Smith, 42Fifty Editors

Produced by Katie Smith

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I am a junior at OHS. This is my first year on staff as a news reporter and editor. I am interested in the gym and video games.

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Hi! My name is Riley and it is my first year writing for 42fifty! I am extremely excited for this experience and I cannot wait to share stories. I am involved in news editing but focusing more on sport videos and articles for the website.

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I'm a senior at OHS and I'm a first-year staff reporter/video editor.



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