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Nicki Ogilvie: The newest panther in the pros

The hallway that displays at the Panthers in the Pros
Credit: Brady Monahan, 42Fifty

Now that students are back in the building, scrambling to make it to class, they may have missed the newest inductee to the “Panthers in the Pros Wall”: Nicki Ogilvie, who graduated from Oswego High School in 2007 and later became a trainer for the Boston Red Sox. She was well known by many teachers and staff members and left an everlasting impact on the school. She shows how hard work and determination can lead to great success. 

Ogilvie unfortunately did not respond to a request for an interview, but Mr. Darren Howard and Mr. Brian Cronin had plenty of praise for the new addition.

“[Ogilvie is] the first trainer we’ve had that made it to a professional sports level,” Mr. Howard, head athletic director at Oswego High School, says.

He then shared some of the general criteria to be part of the wall and the main purpose of the wall. The purpose of the wall is to celebrate the very small number of athletes to go on to the professional level from high school. 

“Less than 0.3% of overall high school athletes actually make it to the pros,” Howard says.

Mr. Howard gave Mr. Cronin, the head athletic trainer at Oswego High School, praise for the work he has done with the training program.

“Mr. Cronin has done an absolutely fantastic job of building that program,” Howard says.

Oswego High School is actually one of the few schools that offers a sports medicine program. Therefore, to have someone go to the professional level of that career is a huge success for the school.

When both Mr. Howard and Mr. Cronin were asked how Nicki Ogilvie was as a student at Oswego High School, and they both agreed that she was a role model student.

“She was a very good student. She was very involved in the school. She was one of those people that would ask a lot of questions,” Howard says. This is what he looks for in Oswego’s student athletes. He wants them to be a role model for the team and school. 

“That’s difficult sometimes because it takes a person who’s a little bit more outgoing, and she was,” Howard says.

Cronin explains how Ogilvie had been in the training room a lot due to gymnastics so she built a commonality with the trainers.

“She was interested in nursing and she really didn’t think about athletic training at the time,” Cronin says.

The athletic training class is trying to expose the kids to the profession of athletic training, as well as other health care professions that would be involved with sports medicine. Therefore, she developed her education and curiosity about athletic training in Mr. Cronin’s class.

Both Mr. Howard and Mr. Cronin highlighted the importance of this success and the impact it has on their programs and departments. 

“Hope it opens [the students] eyes,” Howard says. “We really want all sports to be successful. Not even just sports, but our training program that’s tied to our sports. Our managers that work with our teams, our coaches, our assistant coaches, our volunteer coaches. All of those people that take part in the athletic department, we hope that people see that they are all equally important to us.” 

All of the staff members and faculty who deal with athletics and may have touched on Nicki Ogilvie’s career have done a great job developing the program, and are now experiencing the success from their work. The honor of adding another professional to the wall is a success not for one person, but a group of people that supported her way there. 

“It’s amazing to have our kids get recognized,” Cronin says. “A lot of times we’re like the people in the background, and nobody really acknowledges what we do, and it is nice to see the recognition for the kids because they put in a ton of work…There was no hesitation or anything about putting her up on the wall.” 

Credit: Brady Monahan, 42Fifty

The training program has done a lot of work and now, with the addition of Nicki Ogilvie to the wall, and being the first trainer to be added, that means a lot to Mr. Cronin and the whole athletic training staff. Not for a program, but for a school this is a great success. Congratulations to Nicki Ogilvie, and if you ever want to stop by to see her honorary plaque, it is in the athletic department hallway between the main gym and fieldhouse entrances

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