Credit: Sony Pictures, Everett Collection
Credit: Sony Pictures, Everett Collection

Across the Spider-verse has one of the most perfect movie soundtracks, as it really lets the viewer vibe with the verse. Daniel Pemberton Is a music composer/songwriter and is especially great with having audiences feel immersed within this multiverse.

Along with Metro Boomin, Daniel Pemberton wrote a borderline perfect score and soundtrack for the movie. Metro Boomin makes beautiful licensed music that perfectly fits into the universe. Metro and a few other creators help make the universe feel more real in a way.

Pemberton has been working with music at least since his debut album”Bedroom,” released in 1994 when he was 16. He is an expert in his craft when it comes to film scores, especially in Across the Spider-verse. However, there are a few tracks that dont hit as hard as others.

The score, “Canon Event,” but not completely spectacular compared to other tracks. It is beautiful with its use of instruments like the synths and electronic drums, and I love how well it fits the scene and how tense it gets especially towards the end. 

It includes a few motifs that are new and old like the more emotional synths of” Miguel O’Hara’s” theme and the more orchestral and powerful strings that are used for the main “Spider-Man” and Miles Morales theme. 

It is great at representing how terrible and depressing most of the canon events are. And towards the end of the track there is a nice droning synth and string that progressively gets more tense as the scene gets more and more heart wrenching.  Overall it is a solid 8.5/10 in quality and 8/10 for matching the scene extremely well.

The most amazing is “Across the Spider-verse (Start a band).” This piece is perfect because it is almost exactly the same as when the movie first opened in the track “Across the Spider-verse (Intro).” This time it has the main prowler motif combined with Miles’ theme to represent the reveal that on Earth-42 Miles G. Morales is actually the Prowler

This is very fitting with the scene with how deep the notes of the strings get once the Prowler’s true identity is revealed. It’s perfect how the music picks up from Miles’ theme with the hip hop-like beat to Gwen’s drums and Hobie’s guitar as the characters all begin to team up and get ready to help Miles’. I’d rate it a 9.5/10 for the quality of the theme and a 10/10 for fitting the scene perfectly.

One of the best of the soundtracks was “All the Way Live” with Future and Lil Uzi Vert. I think it deserves this place because of the catchyness, as well as the consistent structure and transitional moments in the song. beginning with a synth wave molding then into a trap like beat with Futures verse, followed by Uzi, really molds together the mood of relaxing but also aggressive aspect of the song, which brings it together overall. Simple but impressive in short.

Followed by this song is “Link Up,” with Don Toliver, WizKid, BEAM and Toian, the beat here was completely different. This song brings off an afrobeat music vibe, as it is paired with more melodic artists to achieve this, because of this it brings together a comforting feel that is easy to listen to and catch on. The unique combination of the baseline with the melody  makes it overall very pleasing and relaxing to listen to.

Another top song is “Am I Dreaming,” featuring artists Metro Boomin, A$AP Rocky, and Roisee. This piece feels almost nostalgic and  takes the listener back to the original euphoria felt right after witnessing such a stunning film. The song opens with a sharp violin, paving the way for Roisee’s vocals, hitting the listener with a pristine melody showcasing a blend of cutting violin and searing vocal performance. This part then melts into A$AP Rocky’s rap verse, perfectly contrasting with the violin and seamlessly following the song’s tempo.

Overall the soundtrack and score is 9.5/10. It is incredible and amazing, dare I say spectacular. Every piece is awesome and wonderful how they were able to write different styles of music.

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