Slay or Nay, Episode 1: Joji’s ‘Smithereens’

In this episode of Slay or Nay, Payton, Austin, and Zander discuss the new Joji album, “Smithereens”. Tables are slammed, words are yelled, and opinions are expressed, one way or another. Tune into the first episode of Slay or Nay to discover if Joji’s new album is Slay, or Nay.

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My name is Austin Lamb and I am a junior at Oswego High School. This is my second year with 42Fifty, and I can't wait to get back into writing and reviewing. I greatly enjoy playing and listening to music, as well as writing. I've always been interested in writing, especially about things that can be critiqued and looked at subjectively. I play the guitar in a band with my friends and primarily listen to metal music but enjoy and appreciate all genres. I hope my knowledge of music and writing talent will pay off for the Arts & Entertainment section this year, and I can't wait to write about weird music.

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I am a first year digital journalism student and a junior at Oswego High School.

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Hi, my name is Payton Barry. I am a senior at OHS, and this is my first year being a part of the staff at 42Fifty. I am involved in some of our school's extracurricular activities, which include Commotion and Theater. I adore music, pop culture, and I am beyond excited to be an Arts & Entertainment editor!


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