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Miley Cyrus gets her long-awaited “Flowers” with recent single


Famous pop singer Miley Cyrus recently released “Flowers” as the lead single for her upcoming album “Endless Summer Vacation”. Since its release, the track has been breaking records nonstop. It has also sparked conversations about both music and past relationships of the superstar.

Following the moderate success of her pop-rock album “Plastic Hearts”, fans were curious about the direction Cyrus was going to take her music next. The popstar has noted that she has felt like she is always “in a different space” whenever she makes new music, which left fans speculating about the sound of her next record.

Since its release, “Flowers” has garnered a notable amount of praise for its storytelling and groovy instrumental. The chorus of the song interpolates Bruno Mars’ heart-aching ballad “When I Was Your Man”, which actor Liam Hemsworth dedicated to Cyrus during their marriage. The popstar changes the perspective of the song from being heartbroken to loving yourself after a breakup. Putting these lyrics over airy strings and a captivating bassline, Cyrus manages to create a catchy earworm about self-love.

Cyrus’ intriguing take on self love helps solidify “Flowers” as some of her greatest work to date. Her vocal performance is technically stunning, and it is constantly building throughout the track. The minimal production and unforgettable melodies show what Cyrus does best, which is creating memorable music.

The music video helps propel interest in the track by taking subtle jabs at her ex-husband. The video takes place at the mansion where Liam Hemsworth allegedly cheated on Cyrus, showing an immeasurable level of pettiness from the singer. From doing Hemsworth’s workout routine to dancing around an empty room in his suit, Cyrus made it clear who actually won in the end. Regardless of being minimal and less theatrical than previous videos, the visuals for this track still manage to be effective at shocking audiences. 

Debuting atop the Billboard Hot 100, “Flowers” became Cyrus’ first No. 1 hit since her 2013 smash “Wrecking Ball.” Her new single has also managed to break numerous streaming records, and received positive reactions from music legends like Dolly Parton and Gloria Gaynor. Reigning at the top spot for three consecutive weeks, “Flowers” proves that Cyrus is still a force to be reckoned with. Despite starting her career in the 2000s, the singer’s spotlight doesn’t appear to be dimming anytime soon.

Knowing the recent success of Miley Cyrus’ new single, both fans and critics are anticipating the release of her upcoming album. Curious about the possible sounds and lyrical content, audiences are waiting for “Endless Summer Vacation” to dominate charts and conversations around the world.

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