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Pop sensation Miley Cyrus has reached new heights in her career, following the release of her latest album “Endless Summer Vacation”. Since its release, the record has been swarmed with praise by both fans and critics alike.

The inescapable success of her hit single “Flowers” left audiences worldwide speculating about the album’s potential. Whether it be the subject matter or the overall sound, listeners were intrigued to see what was next for Cyrus.

Both trending worldwide and topping the charts, “Endless Summer Vacation” has rightfully grabbed the attention of audiences around the world. The project manages to be diverse and cohesive, while still remaining true to Cyrus’s character.

Cyrus’s new album has left us with a variety of memorable songs, but five specific tracks managed to stand out from the rest.

1. Jaded

Towards the start of the album, “Jaded” dives into the feeling of leaving someone for your own sake. Cyrus manages to leave listeners feeling melancholic with the final product, mixing vibrant guitars with a pleading delivery of the lyrics. The sonic and lyrical juxtaposition help carry the track to new heights, showing the singer’s growth as a songwriter. Previous hits like “We Can’t Stop” and “See You Again” are memorable for their carefree lyrics and upbeat production. “Jaded” manages to be energetic in its sound, while putting vulnerable subject matter on the forefront. The end result helps put Cyrus’s artistry on full display.

2. You

The gritty track “You” emphasizes Cyrus’ questionable unpacking of her emotional baggage. With a passionate vocal performance and reckless lyrics, every handcrafted element helps create one of the most passionate moments on the record. The hard-hitting piano keys and aggressive drums go hand-in-hand with the singer’s vocals, leaving audiences speechless over her obvious pain. From wanting to set off alarms to flipping off her exes, the singer makes it clear that she needs someone that understands her pain.

3. Handstand

The experimental track “Handstand” reminds listeners of Cyrus’s bold and unapologetic personality. From the spoken-word introduction to the psychedelic breakdown, the singer effortlessly captivates audiences from start to finish. Despite mainly being instrumental, it still makes sense with the rest of the album. The track helps bring the record to another level, while also solidifying how versatile Cyrus is as an artist.

4. Violet Chemistry

Filled with electric synths and intimate lyrics, “Violet Chemistry” showcases the singer’s ability to create memorable anthems for the dance floor. From the catchy hook to the smooth-sailing drums, the track creates an atmosphere full of passion and confidence. The jarring beat switch helps elevate the song by creating layers to the romantic story being told. The synth-pop piece is easily one of Cyrus’s most fun songs to date.

5. Island

Nearing the end of the record, the tropical track “Island” shows off Cyrus’s ability as a songwriter and storyteller. The popstar discusses whether she is content with being alone or not, after trying to protect herself from outside influences. From the captivating introduction to the catchy melodies, the track shows audiences a more gloomy side of Cyrus. With an airy instrumental and delicate vocal performance, the song is undoubtedly a personal favorite from the album.

As a whole, Cyrus’s latest project has potential for being her magnum opus in the long run. Knowing that she has teased a possible “Vol. 2” of “Endless Summer Vacation,” this is only the beginning for the singer’s year in music.

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