Oswego High School junior Aidan Schmidt has been writing music since fifth grade and recording it since sixth. He plays multiple instruments, writes most of the instrumentals for his band, produces the music of some of his friends, and manages or works on all of the music under his record label, Disappointment Records. 

“Typically, if I had an idea ready, like if I had something brewing, writing it out and recording it would probably take me about a week, week and a half,” Schmidt says of his creative process. “Sometimes it can take upwards of like two months, though.”

Credit: Aidan Schmidt

He explained that the software side of things is fairly “basic.” Schmidt uses Cubase Elements 9 as his Digital Audio Workstation.

In order to prepare for the music industry after high school, Schmidt has taken band and choir since sixth grade and looks to continue with choir his senior year.

“Next year I’m signed up to take AP Music Theory as well as a marketing class and a couple of other music classes including acapella choir,” Schmidt says.

He is gaining experience outside of school as well. 

“I participate in an out-of-school choir,” Schmidt shares. “COVID has really put a dent in that, but…I’ve worked with professional producers to get some insight into how to properly produce music, [so] I have connections to studios in Batavia.”

With commitments to music inside and outside of school, other classes, and multiple jobs, Schmidt goes through a long and demanding schedule.

“Typically every day after school for the next month or so is going to be: get here at 7 o’clock and leave at 5:00, or 6:30, come back at 6:00, leave at 8:00 or 8:15, and then sit at the computer and record,” Schmidt says. Even with demanding schedules, Schmidt still finds time to fit in everything including his music passion.

“So, it’s a lot of 18 hour days basically.”

Aidan Schmidt

The next step for Schmidt after high school is to study music business at Millikin University in St. Louis or Belmont University in Nashville. 

“Belmont definitely over Millikin, but those are definitely my first two,” Schmidt says, “Millikin’s definitely got a history to it, but Belmont’s got the reputation.” 

Looking to pursue a career in music producing, a lot of time and dedication is needed, and Aidan Schmidt is working non-stop.

“Balance isn’t really the word I’d use for it; nothing’s really balanced now. It’s just kind of whenever I can fit it in,” Schmidt explains. “I mean, it’s really a non-stop process.”

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