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Valentine’s Day: Things to do if you don’t got a boo

collage showing tacos, a soft pretzel, a heart-shaped pizza, and hot chicken wings

Until now, your bad relationships earned you nothing but sour memories. However, you can now use your singledom to get the classiest Valentine’s Day dinner money doesn’t need to buy! If you believe in the saying that food is the language of love, then you are in luck!


Hooters is bringing back the “Shred Your Ex” event. Bring in a photo of your ex and destroy it in a (safe) manner of your choice. To celebrate your newfound closure, you’ll get 10 free wings with the purchase of any other 10. Is eating 20 wings for the price of 10 a healthy coping mechanism? Who knows! Will it help you get the kids back from Sarah? Definitely not! With all of the special deals and  offers other restaurants are aiming at couples this Valentine’s day, it’s nice to know that single folks can turn Feb. 14 into a day worth celebrating too.


QDOBA has a deal called “QDOBA for a Kiss.” You can get a free meal (of equal or lesser value) with the purchase of one entrée by sharing a kiss on Valentine’s Day. The kiss can be with a partner, a photo or a burrito—it doesn’t matter.

Auntie Anne’s

This famous pretzel establishment will be giving a free heart-shaped pretzel by downloading the Pretzel Perks app. Don’t miss out on a festive delicious pretzel! 

Cici’s Pizza 

Kids 10 and younger get a kid’s buffet for free today with the purchase of an adult buffet, a large drink and presenting this coupon. Don’t miss out on free delicious pizzas for your family and the younger ones.

If you are single, ready to mingle, or simply very hungry, then maybe you should go to one of these places to enjoy your Valentine’s Day! You know what they say: the real way to the heart is through the stomach.

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