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CollegeBoard trabaja a mantener AP exámenes a despecho de COVID-19

Students studying for the AP exam.

Debido a los cambios recientes del ciclo escolar, los exámenes de AP han sido modificados para administrarse desde casa usando un formato en línea y reduciendo su contenido. Cada examen durará 45 minutos y cubrirá un material más limitado. Los nuevos exámenes no contienen ningunas preguntas de opción múltiple. Muchos estudiantes suelen ver las preguntas de opción múltiple como la sección más fácil y menos estresante; aunque ahora, los estudiantes solo contestaran una variedad de preguntas abiertas basadas en material que fue aprendido antes de marzo.

SD308 anuncio planes para modificado ceremonias de graduación

The exterior of Oswego High School

El 5 de mayo, la Unidad comunitaria de las escuelas del Distrito 308 anunció que ambas escuelas preparatorias de Oswego llevarán a cabo y modificarán sus ceremonias de graduación en honor a los estudiantes graduados de este año 2020.

How to stay in shape during quarantine

Now that the majority of the United States, including Illinois, is under quarantine, many restaurants, jobs, gyms, cinemas, and stores are closed down due to the pandemic, and most of us are inside our homes 24/7. A lot of people are finding it hard to stay productive. Many use this time to sit around, sleep, or snack on unhealthy...

Valentine’s Day: Things to do if you don’t got a boo

collage showing tacos, a soft pretzel, a heart-shaped pizza, and hot chicken wings

Until now, your bad relationships earned you nothing but sour memories. However, you can now also use them to get the classiest Valentine’s Day dinner money doesn't need to buy! If you believe in the saying that food is the language of love, then you are in luck!

Human Trafficking in modern day America

A man with his head in his hands, with the word help written on the back of his hands. Text in the bottom right corner reads "Be Aware."

Currently, it is estimated that anywhere between 20 and 40 million people on an international level are involved with human trafficking, but that number could be higher since many cases go unnoticed. Over $100 billion is made from the industry alone.

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