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Sara Jarquin, News Editor

Valentine’s Day: Things to do if you don’t got a boo

collage showing tacos, a soft pretzel, a heart-shaped pizza, and hot chicken wings

Until now, your bad relationships earned you nothing but sour memories. However, you can now also use them to get the classiest Valentine’s Day dinner money doesn't need to buy! If you believe in the saying that food is the language of love, then you are in luck!

Human Trafficking in modern day America

A man with his head in his hands, with the word help written on the back of his hands. Text in the bottom right corner reads "Be Aware."

Currently, it is estimated that anywhere between 20 and 40 million people on an international level are involved with human trafficking, but that number could be higher since many cases go unnoticed. Over $100 billion is made from the industry alone.

Solar panels installed in OHS greenhouse for energy analysis

Solar panels lined up outside in front of the greenhouse at Oswego High School.

The Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation and the Solar Star Foundation provided Oswego High School with grants to install solar panels at the school’s greenhouse. The solar panels were $75,000, but the grants covered a large majority of the costs, so the school only had to pay a few hundred dollars.

[[TRAD.]] El director Mike Wayne se jubilará al fin del año escolar

Mike Wayne smiling at his desk

Sr. Mike Wayne, director de Oswego High School, se jubilará al finalizar el año escolar 2019-2020, por una noticia que fue enviada por correo electrónico a las familias de OHS y personal de la escuela, el lunes 10 de dic. El señor Wayne ha trabajado en la educación pública durante 33 años como maestro, decano, y asistente de director. Él ha sido durante los últimos 14 años el director de OHS.

Who should we vote for?- Your guide to the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates

The next election will take place in November 2020, which means that a whole new generation of people will be eligible to vote—he seniors and a small selection of juniors from Oswego High School will be 18 years old by then.

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