When it comes to studying for midterms, students can find it to be very difficult and can often cause a cruciating amount of stress, luckily there are many different methods that can help students to feel more at ease,...
You may have noticed the recent surge in popularity of pickleball: whether it's the fashion, community, or the game itself, everyone appears to be loving it, even if they do not know much about it.  OH junior athlete Sarah Boness “[[heard]] there was a new stadium built around the area but... thought it was a tennis court.” While pickleball and tennis look similar, they are different sports that have both been around for a long time.
The fall book recommendations were chosen on the principal theme of downfall as the genre of books one chooses to read from season to season changes in accordance to the cool chill of early autumn as it cuts through the stagnant air of the summer.
The crunch of fallen leaves painted in every shade of red; the gentle sounds of the creek; the scuttering squirrels searching for their next treat. You find the tallest tree and lean against it as you feel the soft fall air fit your face. Your hiking boots sink into the soft ground as the blazing summer gently drifts into fall. Very few people know about the vast benefits of hiking. In addition to the beautiful views and fresh air there are so many physical advantages.  OH LRC Director Drew Mundsinger is an avid hiker who loves the health benefits of getting in a quick trail walk.  “It’s a great way to relieve stress that doesn’t involve the stigma of working out or going on the treadmill or to the weight room,” said Mundsinger.
In this episode , we introduce the two new members of Gaming Area and discuss the content that has come out over the summer.