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Last week, in the spirit of Homecoming, Oswego High School grades and clubs decorated the halls in a variety of different colors and themes.
Oswego High School students participated in the first-ever Meme Day for Homecoming Week last Tuesday. Student Council put the spirit week dress-up days to a vote on social media, with Meme Day ending up at the top. Check out the photos below!
Oswego High School and Oswego East High School students and others from the local community attended this year’s Crosstown football game on Oct. 5 to watch their schools' teams play.
In this episode of The Scoop, Ryan and Owen discuss the presidential alert system, a new exomoon, and homecoming week at Oswego High School. They also introduce a new segment where they share their opinions on a certain subject. This week: Should gym be mandatory in the state of Illinois?
Every year, the staff has a chili contest on Staff Appreciation day. This year on Sept.11, Mr. Chris Hupke, a counselor at Oswego High School, was announced as the winner. Check out this video to see Mr. Hupke’s reaction and what he won!