Piggy’s is Oswego’s newest barbecue restaurant, owned by Liz and Matt Warren and located in the Washington Square Shopping Center, with menu choices from the everyday barbecue pulled pork to a more exotic option of grilled shrimp tacos.
Danelli’s is the restaurant for any true Italian food and atmosphere lover. With its exciting family history and old-fashioned style, it is a local treasure.
Even though the place itself is small in square footage, Asadoras Burgers and La Yummy Michoacana have friendly staff, pick-up and delivery, and delicious food that keeps the customers coming back.
Housed in a former used car dealership, My Sister’s Lil Donut Shoppe is now a sensation in downtown Oswego.  This is due to its owner, Chris McClimans, and her dedication to opening a local shop to serve the people of Oswego with pastry goodness.