Ice cream options featured at La Yummy Michoacana Ice Cream
Credit: Owen Meldon, 42Fifty

What else is there to say about the quintessential hamburger? The burger has been an American classic since its popularity rose in the late 1940s. In Oswego, there’s a new burger joint that’s definitely making a name for itself. Asadoras Argentinian Burgers, along with an ice cream shop, La Yummy Michoacana Ice Cream, opened its doors in 2019 for an Argentinian twist on two American classics. Through online food services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, Asadoras can deliver burgers to Oswego and the surrounding area. Even though the place itself is small in square footage, Asadoras Burgers and La Yummy Michoacana have friendly staff, pick-up and delivery, and delicious food that keeps the customers coming back. 

Burgers are in the name, so burgers are at the forefront of Asadoras. Other foods on the menu include empanadas, kids’ meals, combos, fries, and a vegetarian sandwich. As for the ice cream shop, customers can find banana splits and a wide variety of ice cream, as well as fruit bowls, quesadillas, and nachos. Both of these shops are owned by Ericka Ceballos, who takes pride in her Argentinian heritage. 

“We are looking to expand our menu; we are looking to add more appetizers as well as more shrimp options with chimichurri especially with the holidays coming up,” Ceballos says. “The chimichurri sauce is totally amazing.” 

Ceballos also notes that there is a definite lack of Argentinian representation in the United States, let alone the Oswego area. 

“The other restaurants prepare their burgers the same way but we change the way we prepare our food,” Ceballos says. 

Ceballos has very high hopes for the future of her restaurant, with plans to get some more square footage. 

“We definitely need more space; maybe we can put tables outside so we can have more guests,” Ceballos says.

Employee Stefani Kaufman has been working for a while at Asadoras. As a cashier, she is used to the overwhelming popularity of the restaurant. 

“So the weekend, we go through about 100 tickets,” Kaufman says. “ usually one or two upfront, then two or three in back.” 

When asked about the vegetarian sandwich, Kaufman stated that she would love to see some more vegetarian options at Asadoras. 

“I don’t eat meat all the time, but I do when I’m at work because it smells so good. Normal burgers aren’t as good now; I can’t enjoy it because it doesn’t compare,” Kaufman says. 

Kaufman also believes that Asadoras could definitely see some growth in the coming years. 

“I think it will expand—hopefully. We have been really busy expanding and maybe franchising,” Kaufman says. 

 Customers Jon Michael Lennon and Leo Perez could not have asked for a better first impression at Asadoras. Much like any first-timer, Lennon and Perez decided to get what was most appealing to them, which was the Bombazo Triple burger and a regular fry. 

“I was blown away,” Lennon says. 

Perez also enjoyed his meal.

“I instantly got the meat sweats,” Perez said.  

Lennon and Perez travel often, so when they found Asadoras, they had all the right reasons to be blown away. Perez and Lennon are burger fanatics, enjoying all types of burgers, however, they found Asadoras to be more unique than most. Oswego-area customers are sure to come back for more, whether that be burgers, ice cream, or just about anything else the Asadoras & Michoacana crew have to offer. The future sure is bright for this tiny but mighty restaurant that definitely puts their heart and soul into their food. 

John’s Take:

One of the many burgers featured at Asadoras Argentinian Burgers with a side of fries.
The Tipica Burger with fries at Asadoras Argentinian Burgers. Credit: John Kean, 42Fifty.

While the menu may be smaller compared to other burger joints in the area, it allows for a higher quality of ingredients for their burgers. I tried out the Tipica Burger, including lettuce, tomato, onion, honey ham, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and red bell peppers. I got a burger with a side of fries and a bottle of Sprite. The burger was presented on a basket with the burger and fries. Adding ketchup, allowed for the flavor profiles to open up. The first bite out of the burger caused the fried egg to pop, creating an egg yolk sauce to continuously dip the burger in. However, with the physical size of the restaurant holding a relatively small capacity, there isn’t much room for larger parties should they dine in. The drinks were also in sealed bottles and no free refills, although the owner Ericka Ceballos, was quick to offer a glass of water free of charge. 

My Rating: 8.5/10

Owen’s Take:

Asadoras and La Yummy Michoacana have potential in the sea of chain restaurants that are in Oswego. These two restaurants have a prime location, just outside of downtown, and they’re within walking distance from Oswego High School. I hope to see this establishment as a hangout place for future OHS students! Aside from location, the atmosphere in both halves of the restaurant matches the uniqueness of the menu. The ice cream shop is painted hot pink and has a few games like foosball and the burger restaurant features wood tables reminiscent of barbecues in the park. Of course, the food is absolutely divine. Back when Asadoras first opened, I tried the most basic burger they offer and it was delicious. Even for something as basic as a meat patty and cheese sandwiched between a bun, it was a solid burger; I’ll be coming back for more!

My Rating: 9.5/10

Marty’s Take:

My first time at Asadoras was very interesting. I walked in and it was full of customers, even though it was a new restaurant. I walked in the burger place with the aroma of the smell of food right away. Even though it was my first time the staff was very friendly. I ordered the specialty burger with regular fries. The specialty burger was amazing with the mozzarella, bacon, and onion dip. The onion dip and the mozzarella made the burger nice and creamy with the bacon adding a nice crunch together. The flavor of the fries was nice too, even though they were only original and the fries had a uniqueness to them. I will be coming back soon to try some other burgers and fries.

My Rating: 9/10 
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